junk mail.

Unbelievable what comes in the mail these days and yes, another rant about the giant races.  Bear with me.

I just got junk mail today

mail animated GIF

and it was addressed to “Tess insertlastnamehere”
*side note:  my real name is Teresa and my family calls me that, my work calls me that and people I pay money to call me that. LOL.  But most of my friends call me Tess and and I sign up for races under Tess usually.  Hence confusion if you see posts under one or the other name. I answer to either name and my mother says, “I don’t know who this “Tess” is.” haha.  It’s me Ma.  But you can call me Teresa like usual.  I’ll still be me, Baby. Muah.

Now we all know my family,  work, and official channels know me as Teresa and the rest of the world knows me as Tess so this was a flag as to who where this came from.  In the window I see “Rock n Roll Marathon Series”.
Hmm.  Interesting.  I’ve run a race or two of theirs.

So I open it to see what race they are trying to sell me.

Nope.  Transamerica is trying to sell me Insurance through the Rock n Roll series NAME.  Apparently:

“You have a commitment to an active lifestyle that could help you get a better rate on life insurance.  In recognition, Oncor Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed agent of Transamerica Life Insurance Company (an official sponsor of the Rock ‘n’Roll Marathon Series), is offering you a FREE personalized life insurance quote.  Life Insurance can be an ECONOMICAL way to help provide for the financial needs of your family if you are taken from them prematurely.  Spouses may also apply for this coverage.”

Unbelievable.  Don’t send me mail. Don’t try to sell me anything. How freaking inappropriate.  Don’t they already get enough of my money by the crazy ass fees they charge for this race to begin with?  I do NOT want to be bombarded with their solicitations.

Yep. I get it. It’s just a piece of junk mail. But it’s one piece.  It’s the first piece. How many more are they going to start sending me?  I already get postcards and race suggestions and junk.

Transamerica?  Leave me alone please.  Rock n Roll?  You, too.  If I want to run a race just let me run.  And I’ll let you know if I’m even interested.

Rant over.

It’s possible I feel strongly about this.


Hey there…want a newsflash?

I love running.


I know. You’re shocked.

Even when my mileage is low and I’m barely keeping up.

Even when I’m running the slowest of the slow

When I’m trudging like a turtle

and I’m panting my way along.

I’m always grateful.


Ahh! This is why I love running it brings out the best in me. I forget about everything bad and just get into the zone.