Bear with me

I know I said only happy posts but this one threw me so I had to update.  Sorry!

So I had another dr appt today and I thought it was to schedule a biopsy to confirm or deny Celiac (presumably confirm based on the blood test).

What I haven’t really talked about is my regular doctor has told me he doesn’t think I’m Celiac. He thinks it’s too trendy of an answer and I don’t have it.

Well, this guy I saw today ALSO doesn’t think I have it.  He suggested a few other alternatives, which were interesting, but here’s the most interesting thing of them all.

No one is addressing my most troubling symptom.

I’m so freaking tired.

They all want to fix my stomach and *ahem* other issues.

But really, I’ve had those kinds of issues for years so…if I can deal with them what the hell?  Just fix the tired!

So they are calling me soon to schedule the biopsy (apparently today was just an appointment to get my money. It worked).

90s animated GIF

I’m startin’ to shake the piggy bank.  I looked at the bill for blood tests from February and thank the Lord for insurance because holy smokes my share was $78 of nearly $1000 worth of tests.  And that was just February!


I’m going to message my Dr tomorrow and suggest a few other possibilities leading him away from his ideas which were frankly…kind of ridiculous and not worth my time and money. I’ll do the tests if he really wants me to but I would rather focus on what’s more realistic and what is going to be causing me to feel this tired.

Fix the tired.

I’m thisclose to ditching them all and just working through it on my own.


Today we had SNOW and SLUSH.  This was not a run outside kind of day. Yuck. It was definitely a treadmill day which happened late late at night.

Does anyone else run this late at night or am I the only night owl??

On the other hand…I do love running in the morning.  Tomorrow is going to be cold… let’s hope for spring soon and meanwhile:

Run on Friends. And find your morning motivation.

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