Motivationless. It’s a word.

One of my friends was just posting on Facebook that she was not motivated to run and hadn’t been for weeks. Mostly people reassured her it would come back with time. Her schedule was wacky from some renovating.  Her injury was definitely playing a part.  Spring will help.  Etc etc.

But man, I’m with her. All the good reasons in the world don’t reassure me.


It’s freaking me out.

As I sit on my kitchen stool for the 487th hour this month (exercising my butt muscles, I always tell my kids when they sit around) I think to myself…

Yep. THAT’S that disease I must have.

The ~I’m so not motivated~ disease. 

I wonder if there’s a blood test I can pay $350 for that will confirm or deny said unmotivation which will then lead to a need for a biopsy of SOME body part that’s completely unfriendly and wayyy not sexy and completely unrelated to my real problem.


And when it comes back it will definitely confirm/deny…

I can neither confirm nor deny that you do have small breast syndrome. Yeah…that’s just life. Hm.

Or they’ll neither confirm nor deny that I am 5’2″.  (swear I’m not lying my dr’s office says I’m 5’4).  Uh…no.  Two inches since I was 15?  Unlikely.

They can neither confirm nor deny that I have brown hair. Well now, there’s a conundrum. Bahahhaha.  I do color my hair so …maybe?  “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.”

But the one thing we can definitely confirm I have is no motivation.

Everyone gets it. It’s like the common cold, a virus that attacks you and won’t let go.  You can’t get up. You just want to sit on the couch and not do anything. Go for a run?

But it’s COLD

But it’s HOT

But it’s EARLY

But it’s LATE



I’m so sucked into this MOVIE> Okay, this is actually a valid non running excuse and I find if a Harry Potter marathon is on either stay away from the television or well…expect to not run. Just sayin’.

I say, hang in there baby. The lack of running will eventually drive you batty enough you’ll HAVE to leave the house.  Just the thought of one.more.second. sitting will push you out the door into the sunshine and the feeling of your shoes hitting the pavement as you listen to the the voice reading the book in your ears or the music playing or just the rhythm of your own breathing will literally save your life.

It will happen.

And once it happens it will happen again.

We are our own worst enemy.

I can’t live with running and I can’t live without it.

running motivation

Run on Friends.  Once you start you’ll love the run and happiness will quickly follow.