Movie weekend…

We had the laziest most ~do nothing do what you want just hang out and be a family~ weekend ever.

We went to three movies.

Yes. Three.

Friday we saw Divergent.  

This was a great little flick.  We loved it.  Action, drama.  Good stuff all around.

So we got spoiled and decided on Saturday to see Noah.

Oh Lord. What a mistake. This was a terrible movie. We went into it knowing it wasn’t Bible based.  To quote my friend Erin, “I liked it, but the only real similarities between the movie and the Bible story is a flood and a man named Noah.”

She was not kidding.  This sucker was SO out there…ten minutes in my husband said, “seriously??”

We should have left then.  Alas, we stayed and lost the next two+ hours of our lives.

We ended the weekend with Gods Not Dead.

I liked it. It had it’s moments but overall it was good.  The classroom discussions were great.  Definitely an improvement over the last movie.


3.5 miles today…

That race is coming up and someone has to run it.  Guess it’s gonna be me.



Run on Friends and see what you can see.  There’s a big beautiful world out there. 


8 Replies to “Movie weekend…”

  1. I can’t wait to see Divergent. Sorry you have to be the PSA for Noah but I’m glad you shared so the rest of us don’t have to endure it!! Happy Day!

    1. Haha. Sorry! Anyone is welcome to see it of course, it may be their style. But it was so odd it certainly wasn’t ours. Definitely strange. Highly recommend Divergent. Now I want to read the book!

  2. So glad I talked to you yesterday, I learned something about you and it was enlightening.
    Bill went to see Noah last week and reported that it would not be a movie I would like. I think he liked it OK but it wasn’t really what he thought it would be. Just the previews turned me off. Last movie we saw was 3 Days to Kill. It was great.
    So what is your next run and are you running the DC one in October? I have a hard time following sometimes. Anyway, love you.

    1. I don’t think you would like Noah, no. I’ll have to check out 3 Days to Kill. I always love new movies.
      My next race is the mountain 15 miler in June with my friend. I am sadly not running the marathon in October but I’ll talk about that on the blog. I must not have been clear. I’ll just run the 10k and join the meetup.

  3. There is a 10k attached to the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ll run that and hang out with my friends instead of running the marathon and hopefully next year I’ll be in a better position to run it health wise.

  4. I have Divergent if you want it! So addicting. Wish the next two were out in paperback so I could have them too!

  5. Yes! I totally want it, thank you! I’ve heard the book has way more detail so I’d love to read it.

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