I thought I was immune…dammit

Right after I get to work yesterday I feel an allergy attack start to hit. Man…I forgot my antihistamine.

By the time work was over I was a drippy red mess.

Today was no better.  Is it allergies or is it a cold?

I haven’t had a cold in like…five years so I forgot what it’s like.  But I think this might be a cold.  I am not sure. I do get, rarely, some seriously severe allergy attacks that kick my butt.  This could be one of those.

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Anyway, today I feel pretty freaking terrible. I ran two miles this morning with full intent to run two more after work but there was no way my body wanted to do anything but sleep.  And I stopped and bought a sinus med that gave me a bad trip man…a bad trip.  LOL.  I only took a half a dose (it had an antihistamine in it so I was being cautious…I thought) but it still knocked me completely out.

And I feel horrible.  So now I feel stoned AND sick.

I need a new drug.

We’re having fun now and damn do I look good. My nose is so raw.

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I joke that I must not get sick because I work with thousands of dollars every day. Those bills come from all walks of life so they are not pretty. Good Lord the disease they must have on them.  I figured I was a carrier. LOL

My current theory is my immune system is whacked out from taking such care with it and then suddenly eating all this gluten and shocking it.  Just a theory.  Who knows.

So hey, at least this one is easy to diagnose!!!  it’s either a cold or an allergy attack.  haha.  We have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

So I sit here tonight in my beloved sweatshirt delivering this profound advice and feeling very yucky.

Then end up on the stationary bike or elliptical.........

Rest on Friends…  Because even God rested on that oh so famous seventh day. 

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  1. LOL. Craptastic.That’s my new favorite word. Thanks! I’m sleeping the day away and fingers crossed 🙂

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