Craptastic. Yes, I’m still using that word.

I feel better today and am thankfully going to work. One of those days I’m SO grateful I don’t work full time.  My migraine disappeared early last night but it must have missed me because it’s back so I’m drugged up a bit.

My nose is so raw I can’t even tell you.  I live for Neosporin and vaseline.

My dark circles have dark circles.

I look SO HOT.

The body aches seem much better today. Yesterday they surprised me and really it was a symptom that was totally unwelcome. That confirmed it was in fact, not allergies.

sick animated GIF

And my ears hurt.  I have a history with ear infections and hearing loss so that one is freaking me out a little bit but so far it seems manageable.

I would like to state this is only a cold and I’m being a complete baby. Just in case anyone was wondering.


We may be strong independent women, but everyone wants to be pampered when they dont feel well.

Sorry for the bad word…I didn’t see it until I already posted it and…well…I’m tired so you get what you get. LOL


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Rest on Friends.  Or run. Do what feels good today. 

2 Replies to “Craptastic. Yes, I’m still using that word.”

  1. Very little is actually as miserable as a cold. Even the flu, as bad as it is, rarely lingers like a cold does. I haven’t had one for a long time either and I see people across my desk every day, often sick ones who just didn’t want to miss their appointment! My hands are like sandpaper from washing 20 times a day and I have spray disinfectant I use all over the office, even the doorknob. But sometimes it just nabs ya when ya aren’t lookin’. Hang in and try to get some rest. I love you lots.

  2. Thanks 🙂 It is a lingerer apparently. The last vestiges just wanting to remind me how much it likes me. I’m hoping it’s gone soon.

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