Mini Sweet List <3

Hey there!  It’s Saturday!  I know it’s late…sorry!

It’s a beautiful day here and we are getting ready to welcome snow and a high of 35* tomorrow!  Sweet!

  1.  Alex is coming home soon (date undetermined) and Sean gets to cruise home from Hawaii with him.  How happy is that?  I’m jealous but excited, too.  I expect pictures.  I’ll share.
  2. I love it when I have to explain something to my husband three times before he gets it.  Reminds me even brilliant people have moments of obscurity.
  3. Sean headed out to the store today (don’t get excited, it wasn’t the grocery store it was the computer store) and on the way home he totally remembered me and brought me Gummi Bears.  *disclaimer* ~it was his second trip to the store and when he got back the first time I said, “what…no Gummi Bears?”  Yes, he should read my mind. Hello…28 years. I still like him.
  4. Tonight he decided we should have Outback. I think he’s feeling guilty he’s leaving me for his wild cruise so he didn’t want me to cook. OR option #2 he really wanted a steak.  Yeah…I think that’s probably the real reason, too.
  5. I may be recovering from this cold.  It’s a little early to tell but I don’t currently feel like dying.

snoopy happy dance photo: happy dance Snoopydance.gif

6.  Someone at work had an issue with me this week and I not only stood up for myself (I try very hard to keep the peace and not make a scene but this time…I had enough) but I got the bosses ok.  I felt pretty great about it.  It made the bad day better.

7.  I got my friend’s wedding invitation this week and oh my gosh it’s so beautiful and I’m beyond excited to be there for this amazing day.

8.  My husband will finally see some relief with his job.  That right there should make up the whole sweet list.

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  1. Sounds like you are using your SUPER powers…..feeling better, standing up for yourself and enjoying friends and family!! Winner!!

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