Running: on hold for Monday.

::forgive the randomness::

So technically Monday is a rest day on my schedule.

But I spent all last week “resting” with this ridiculous cold so I am pretty over THAT so I really really wanted to run today. BUT…

I’m trying to spend as much time with my significant other as I possibly can so I …

ditched the run.


it’s only 3 miles today!

Instead though, I curled up in my warm bed (oh man I can’t tell you how cold I was. I was so cold) and ate Goldfish Crackers and laughed with my husband and cried over Long Island Medium and enjoyed every moment with him.

And when MT came in and climbed in next to us and we all curled up and watched and talked (and laughed and cried…well I cried) and he said…”this is what I’ll miss the most.  This and when we all sit together in the office and just talk,” he hit it right on.  It’s our favorite part of the day.  We just gather in the office, the three of us, and put our feet up somewhere that Sean hasn’t piled computer cords on and laugh at the dog and the cat (who have also gathered there) and we talk about whatever happened today.

Yep.  I’ll miss that, too. 

Those are the best days of these quieter years. 

We’re going to force him to sit in the office when he comes home to visit just so we can have our normal time.  It may not be as often but we’ll take what we can get.

Plus I told him we’ll still be in the office and we’ll skype from there…. LOL


I keep forgetting to talk about the Marine Corps Marathon!  I know, my heart was SO sold on running it this year but it is one of my top five marathons and I really want to put my whole self into it.  The way it was playing out, my family wasn’t going to be able to make it (as you all can now see) and that just wasn’t what I wanted.

So I am going there anyway to meet my running friends and cheer them on through the 26 miles (.2!) and while I’m there I’ll run their 10k because, well, I love to run.  I’ll always run that, it’s one of my favorite distances.


I did a teensy bit of shopping yesterday.  Online. I was looking for a dress for the wedding I have coming up and instead I bought this:

Everly Clothing Easy Pintucked Shift Dress

and this:

Tinley Road Notch Neck A-Line Mini Dress


I felt a little bit spoiled buying myself dresses.


I'm definitely using this set up when we have kids. Love it!!

Run on.  And hug your family.  Be they spouse, sibling, friend.

5 Replies to “Running: on hold for Monday.”

  1. yeah, I’m considering it. Aren’t they cute? They weren’t too expensive either. That’s such a bonus.

  2. Didn’t you buy a dress last summer that looks just like that black one?! maybe it had little sleeves… They are cute and so you!
    I LOVVVVE the shoes in the first pic! I like the second pic shoes too, nude heels and all…

    1. Thanks! I didn’t buy it last year I just coveted it the entire season like an idiot. So this year the MOMENT I saw it I bought it. Clearly I like it…it must be love.

      The shoes in the first pic are really cute! I figure I’ll maybe wear the ones from my Instagram with it. Really cute. And since I’m not 5’9″ it’ll be a little longer on me. LOL. And I’m a sucker for nude heels so I love those heels too. Yep.

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