A promise is a promise…only not.

So I STARTED this post last night after my son said “I took a picture with my friend and I’m sending it to you!”

Nice! A picture!  The boy knows me.

They were both under strict instructions: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get there?  I want a picture.

Then this happened:

My son is a ninja.  He is hilarious.  His ship docked early so he was able to meet Sean’s plane, though Sean didn’t know it.  Alex bought a Hawaiian shirt, a touristy hat and shorts at the ABC Store.  

ABC Store is your best friend when you are in Hawaii on a budget. :-)

Put on sunglasses and proceeded to show up to the airport disguised and stalked him at baggage claim.  The goal…how long can he actually stalk him before Sean recognizes his own kid?  Can Alex ride the shuttle back to the hotel without Sean realizing it’s him?

Well here’s what happened.  He was on the phone with me the whole time until that moment, then he said, “I have to take a video of this! It’s so awesome! I’ll call you right back!”  I got a text from Sean a few minutes later stating Alex had been busted and that’s the sum total.

I’m still waiting for the phone to ring, I’ve been sitting at the kitchen counter for 7 hours and I’m exhausted.  Holding the phone in anticipation but he did say “right back”, right??  I know it’ll be any second now.  I hope it’s soon, I have to work in an hour.

Sean texted me at 3am and said he was SO sorry.  They had to scramble to find someone to take their picture and then figure out the shuttle and I suppose in the mess I got forgotten.

Please note:


Coupla geniuses right there.

Yeah…those are my boys.

I’m betting I’ll get one very soon after they wake up and read this and figure it out.  Or, they’ll have some awesome excuse why they couldn’t hit “send” on their smart phone.


I took Malachi for a walk tonight, his second since the incident with the big mean dogs that tried to eat him.

Sean usually walks him and when he walks him…it’s more of a saunter through the park while Malachi admires the bunnies.  My saunter is not sauntering.  I’m always in a hurry.  I don’t know how to walk slow.  So about halfway through the park Malachi just…


Dude…everything okay?

He looked up at me like…”I’m taking a break, okay?  I’m tired”

So okay. We’re taking a break.  I stopped and started to scratch his little head and his little butt and was so happy and then I started to walk and then….

he stopped.

Um…what now?  So I stop and scratch and wait.

Then I start walking again and maybe 30 seconds down the path…

he stopped.


oh….. I think I get it now.

He’s like a two year old.  He’s figured out that every time he stops, he gets scratched.  This is a smart dog.

smart dog!  _________________________ drmauramcgill.com  fixwomenshealth.com


MT says we have to watch a movie tonight so I have orders.  I also have a million things to do and running is on the list.


Muscle is your fountain of youth.

Run on, and run with purpose. 

6 Replies to “A promise is a promise…only not.”

  1. As suspected he sent me a photo this morning upon receiving my blog in his email. I’m at work so I can’t post it. I’ll try and do it later. Maybe later I’ll have more! 🙂

  2. Hilarious!!!!! I’m laughing SO hard. What fun!!! It would be a priceless picture too IF you had received one!!! I’m sure it made your heart happy to know they were together and enjoying each other!

    1. It totally made my heart happy! No matter how obnoxious they are together. LOL. Lord what an experience those two.

  3. Such good news, he is on his way home, yaaaay!
    When my Dad used to walk our dog he told me dogs don’t want to walk. They want to set the pace so they can water bushes and smell where other dogs have watered, lol.

    1. Oh yeah..totally true. Sean can’t stand walking Malachi on the leash because Malachi doesn’t like it. He’ll do it begrudgingly though. Ha.

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