Biopsy day~

Last night I followed all instructions and stopped food by 10pm, (technically 7… but I may have had a jelly bean).  Then I set my alarm for 2am so I could wake up and have a drink of water.  I’m always incredibly thirsty so I knew if I didn’t get liquid from bedtime until the procedure I would just die of dehydration.  It didn’t help.  I woke up at 6am and figured this was, in fact, how I was going to die.  Of thirst.

drink animated GIF

When I got there they kindly told me that for a mere $350 out of my pocket I get to have this procedure.  I could fly to California for that and have a much better time I’m certain.  I wish they weren’t so freakin’ cheerful about it when they told me.

Then I had to remove every single piece of jewelry on my person of which there is a lot.  Sonofagun.  I finally said, uh…can I leave the toe ring? It hasn’t been off in at least 8 years.  Yep. I got to leave that.  I felt kind of naked without all my jewelry.  And, well, my clothes. But really my jewelry.


I had a pretty horrible migraine, probably lack of fluids and food and sleep.  They hydrated me and then knocked me out. The procedure was super fast…like ten minutes.  After it was done the doctor came in and gave me some preliminary results.

On that note:  check it out…results without waiting  a week!

She said it looked negative.  No Celiac.  But she also said we have to wait for pathology and that would be about a week.

***side note:  I had an appendectomy years ago and the doctor that removed my appendix said, “that’s the healthiest appendix I’ve ever seen”.  Pathology came back and said it was actually bad.  So I have no problem waiting.***

In order to confuse you more…because medicine isn’t an exact science (??),  in my research I’ve found that you can have a positive blood test and a negative biopsy and be Celiac.   Unfreakingbelievable.  Can I have my $350 back and just skip this experience and go with the blood test?

I feel awful on the amount of gluten they had me eating in prep so I’m going back to the way I was eating before and hopefully I’ll see really good results.  If not, I’ll adjust accordingly.


This has been a long year and I’m pretty emotionally worn out.  I made a decision and sent my doctor a note.  I told him I’m taking a break from the whole grand search to fix Tess.  I feel really good about this and I am stronger today because of this decision.

I’m very in tune to how I feel and yes I realize I’ll have to find some energy on my own but I think a lot of my energy these days is expended with the big search and I’m over it.  Man…I do feel like a pin cushion.  And I feel like it’s “put a bunch of stuff in a jar and pick out what we want to claim Tess has” day every time I go.  I seldom feel like we’re making progress and I totally feel like I’ve started losing control of my own health decisions.

So I am taking back that control.  I may change my mind in a month but for now I’m stepping back and concentrating on just running, eating healthy and spending time with my kid and my husband while I have him.


I was exhausted from the drugs today so I slept all day and took Malachi for a walk tonight. He’s doing MUCH better and had a good little puppy jog going on.  He did stop once for a gratuitous scratch but just gave me a puppy grin and kept going.


This is his “why are you assaulting me with that little black box” look.

Take Control of your life! #Motivation

Run on and do it however you want to.  Because you are the only one in charge of you.

6 Replies to “Biopsy day~”

  1. Glad you survived all that fun! I get what you are saying. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and take back your life. Kind of “ok with just OK”

  2. Wow! You have been a “pin cushion”. Taking some control back and feeling what your body is saying is probably the best thing. You are the best listener for your body despite what doctors try to hear……

    1. I think the doctors really get in a groove and think they are on a mission to find the answer and lose their focus and their patient. I just want it back.

  3. Thanks 🙂 It didn’t seem that bad but when you write it up it comes off as horrible. I just had a bad head. That was no fun. And the frustration part. That’s the worst. Love you, too 🙂

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