Hey Hey it’s BOSTON DAY!

The running of the Boston Marathon!

I’ll be honest, I’ll pretty ready for it to happen because it is all there is in the news.  It’s everywhere.  I would love to read anything else.

But I’m also really excited.  I wish I didn’t have to work.  Ha.  It’s a  love/hate relationship.


And a happy belated Easter to you!

I really have to figure out a better way to post when it’s a holiday.  I’m always a step behind.  I usually write my posts at night (admittedly today is the exception to the rule) so I would be writing it as the holiday was coming to a close.

I’ll work on my organization skills for that.


My little gluten fest put my ten pounds back on me. DAMMIT.  Back to the drawing board.  LOL

sick animated GIF


Meanwhile I hope everyone had a beautiful day with their family.  We celebrated with the kids on Saturday and then on Sunday MT and I went to a movie (Captain America which I can say was actually surprisingly good) and then just hung out at the house.  At the end of the day I wanted to go for a run but it had gotten a bit dark so instead MT and I took Malachi for a good fast walk.  He was so happy!

I was glad to know my one child who couldn’t be with us could at least have his dad this holiday.

I figured I’d run on the treadmill but, and I know you’re all pretty weary of this sentence, I had a migraine that had escalated pretty bad so I took some drugs and went to bed.

movie animated GIF

I’m tracking them now. I usually do track them slightly but now I think I’m going to step it up a bit.  They are definitely getting out of hand.   If it’s because I’m Celiac (oh the forever question) then I’ve been eating gluten for weeks, right?  I’ve only been eating clean a few days.  It’ll take a while to get completely clean.


 Run on Friends and Run for someone who can’t.  Happy Boston Day!