Kickass Boston. Holy cow.

Warning:  Gigantic and deadly livestock who were stalking me were killed in this post. If this is uncomfortable for you, stop reading now.

I went to use the UPSTAIRS restroom and what was there???

scared animated GIF

A wolf spider the size of a QUARTER…at LEAST.  *disclaimer: I tend to exaggerate but am not in this case, really a quarter is not that big.  Unless we’re talking spiders*  (and hey…did you think you’d get a Gif with a spider? Uh…not on this blog…no sir.)

Good Lord.  I grabbed my brand new Runner’s World (clearly good for more than just the articles) from my bedside table while not taking my eyes off him which wasn’t difficult as he was as big as my shoe by now and this is why I couldn’t smash him with my shoe as he would clearly have eaten it and I whacked him.  Though it took me a good two minutes to talk myself into it.  The longer I looked, THE BIGGER HE GOT.  Finally, when he was nearly as big as the magazine and I was worried I wouldn’t have anything else to smash him with I took a deep breath and thought, “suck it up Cupcake.  No one else is gonna do it.  Your man done left you for his job” (I added that little factor for guilt).  And WHACK!  I missed.  He was FAST!!  HE TOOK OFF RUNNING And it was towards me!!   SO I WAS WHACKING AND MOVING AND WHACKING AND MOVING AND FINALLY I GOT A CLEAR SHOT AND WHAMMO! Whew.  The deed was done. I know Ya’ll are thinkin’ he was terrified.  He was runnin’ for his life.  I have news for you.  He was so not terrified. He knew he had the upper hand and he was chasin’ me down.  Runner’s World defiled. So wrong.

Needless to say, I no longer have any desire to use the restroom.  Legend has it I’ve held it as we drove across three states. I was about 7 years old at the time but I could do it again pretty easily I’m sure.


Congratulations to Meb Keflezighi on the MOST amazing race in Boston.   I didn’t even get to watch it and my heart was pounding and my stomach was twirling.  And not only that…his sponsor is Skechers.  Seriously. Seriously?

A beautiful win, did the United States proud.


I looked  cute today.  Why does my husband have to be gone when I look cute?  Something is wrong in the marriage universe for that to happen.


This photo would not be possible without the help of my friend Norma.  I managed to get it onto Instagram fine and from there I blew it. It was stuck there.  Miss Norma sent it to my email complete with smart ass messages.  You just can’t trade that in for anything else.  There’s the love right there, Friends.

Sadly I could only get a face shot…but check it out people.  I took a picture.  So there.  To everyone who says I never take a picture. Proof positive.  HA.  Don’t get used to it.


A little chat today on the transition from treadmill to outdoors and from outdoors to treadmill. 

It sucks.  Either direction.  My mileage is still incredibly low.  I’m citing lack of energy but I’m really working hard at it.  However, I headed outside today and started running and the mile and  a half I did was ROCKSTAR STATUS.  *sarcasm*

running animated GIF

Okay…I can get about 5 miles on the treadmill pretty strong but when you transition one way to the other no matter which direction you go you’re going to have some adjustment.  Some people have an easier time than this.  It’s almost like starting all over again but not quite as bad. You just work your way up and stop when you need to. It’ll happen slowly, don’t push it and remember not to be too hard on yourself.  It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just running.

So on that note I’m heading out again tonight for a quick puppy walk and then probably running on the treadmill  (three quick miles) because I waited too long…or because I was writing to you guys.  🙂  So much love.


In my experience, the  first week alone is the worst.  It’s quiet, no one to talk to, and you just have an empty spot because part of you is missing.  Eventually you begin to adjust and get a routine.

It’s been a week tomorrow.  But as soon as we adjust, he’ll be back and we get to do it all again when he leaves for reals. This was like a “test leave”.

My Gmail was quiet today. I miss my husband.


Run on Friends and remember to appreciate the run today.


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  1. Thank you Tess! They are almost there. The girl that waxes them said they are still a little short…yikes. ::please grow:: Right? So no fun.

  2. You look darling! Were there really livestock killed or was it the spider? I got confused while reading that.

    1. Well it was just the spider but it was big enough to be reigned in so I consider it livestock. I’m pretty sure he had cousins and uncles and such so herding would happen. Total livestock.

  3. Most of him stayed on the magazine, sadly. But I was able to scrape it off and wipe it clean. The memory is still there though. 🙁

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