The promised photo…finally.

Here it is.  A photo.  My husband looks great…my son. Well…ha.  He’s been on a ship for 8 months.  We’ll give him a break!  I felt better when I saw even his FRIENDS were giving him a hard time!  Thanks for Corey for the photo and for knowing I’d want it the moment he saw them. He rocks.


Honestly.  It hurts my head to see that weird ass mustache.  LOL.  But my husband looks so freakin’ cute I want to photoshop it….I guess I could photoshop the mustache out. Hmm. 😉  I see they’re standing next to my bonus son’s Jeep.  Really, you can’t get a better picture than that.


It’s been gorgeous here all week and I was determined to force spring into the world by dressing the part.  I bought a couple dresses (yes, I own dresses) at Target a few weeks ago and have been waiting and waiting for it to be nice enough.  Let me tell you, at 8 in the morning…it’s a little chilly.  But by 2 or 3 in the afternoon it’s really perfect!  I wore these little dresses all last summer. They aren’t the greatest quality but for only $19.99 I line dry them so they lasted all summer and they look really cute with a little cardigan and strappy sandals….  They are actually $24.99 but I got them on sale.  Also, they are on sale right now if you buy three you get one free, that’s a great deal, I swear I lived in them and they have good colors.  Really fun.  I’d be cautious of the grey one…Shaughnessy told me it looks like pajamas.  I was able to make it work with the right cardigan and sandals but you definitely have to pay attention and you can’t wear it alone like you can with the others.

I bought the coral one and the black one.  I tried to link them both and they’ll only give me the turquoise one and we all know I wouldn’t ever own that one because that’s my second least favorite color.  The first being peach. Yuck. I’ll say this…coral is really orange. I think it’s adorable though. Really cute. But that sucker is not coral.  Coral is a great color and good universally on everyone.


Malachi and I did a quick two mile run last night. Yep.  We ran…okay mostly we walked but we ran a LITTLE. For him it was pretty good. I still worry about his leg getting tired.

At one point we passed some people that had a beautiful big fluffy white dog that I had no idea what flavor it was.  But it was pretty.  It looked to be of the friendly variety though and wanted to make friends with Malachi and I … was to gunshy.

Sorry Dude.  I couldn’t do it.  His owners were super nice and asked if Malachi was a Sheba…I replied that he was and they commented on how pretty he was.  I smiled and thanked them and kept going.

They were so nice!

As we walked away I thought how pretty their dog was but really all I could do was be on edge about keeping the dogs away from each other so my brain just stopped working.  Then I felt bad.  Neighbor of the year right here.

I think we’ll all be healing from this dog attack for a lot longer than we expected.


*I don’t get anything from Target from this…I just like the dresses. I actually have a love/hate relationship with Target because they can be SO expensive. Once in a while though… a gem that saves you.


Running (Bahaha...this was just too funny!! Andrea)

Yep.  Been there!

Run on Friends…and enjoy the humor in running.  There is plenty to laugh about!



4 Replies to “The promised photo…finally.”

  1. Love the picture! I would love to see a picture of you in that adorable sounding dress! Hysterical…….Dry Heaves….

  2. Hey now…you got your one photo a year. Two is so much to ask.

    I’ll think about it! LOL. It depends if anyone will bother to TAKE my picture. I live with men.

    1. Actually you posted the REALLY cute picture of you just recently with your cute hairdo and beautiful eyebrows!!! I live with only men too……ahh the joys 😉

      1. Right? Men. The look they give you when you say, “can you take my picture?”

        I just won’t even do it. SO not worth the pain.

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