My Saturday Morning.

So I started this morning with high hopes and SOME of them came through.

I have torn the yard and garage apart looking for an item I need for some yard work to no avail.

Where the heck could it be?

work animated GIF

Now it’s 11am…I really want the yard mowed so I may break all environmental rules and mow.

But the kitchen is superclean 

and the laundry is half done

I’ve straightened the house and the garage.

And I’ve watched a CSI: Las Vegas (I don’t even like that show) episode and half of Serendipity.

Now on to the yardwork


I got a craving for some spicy food so for breakfast I mixed up the following random ingredients I found in my cupboard/freezer.


Scrambled eggs

Steamed corn

Jalapenos and Salsa

Plus….there were leftovers so…tomorrow I get breakfast again. NICE.


Oh hey~ Guess what I did??  My sister called yesterday and said she’s in town!  What are the odds.  Random.  So I met her for dinner and six hours later…yes, that’s right…six hours later I got home at oh dark thirty. MT had already texted me to see if I was okay.  He stressed…in a non parental way… Ha. Made me laugh.
I guess I should’ve have maybe checked in.  But he did know where I was and who I was with and that’s the imp0rtant part.


Shut up I love Mr. Potato Head so much. This commercial cracks me up.



No pressure though, right?  I’d rather dream big than set low expectations for myself.

Run on Friends,  and spread the good vibes today.