It’s Sunday and you know what that means??

I know Ya’ll are thinking it means I should be going to church.  I’ve chosen to be a heathen today though.  So…it means my husband gets home. Yep.

Back from the boat trip.

I think I only talked to him on the phone once while he was gone. After he got off the boat I could’ve talked to him a few times but the reception in his room was terrible and frankly…

he’s not a phone guy. 

It’s really in everyone’s best interest if we don’t talk on the phone.

In a perfect world I’d hear his voice every day. He’s SO funny and he always makes me laugh. But on the phone?

Nope.  It’s like his brain just…stops working.  It’s okay, he knows this so I don’t think I’ve revealed any state secrets with that one.

I opted to just text, email, or wait until Sunday.

*sigh*  It’s gonna be a long three months.  LOL


You know…I had something else typed up to post this morning and instead I feel like this.

Sad Walking in the rain

It’s raining. 

Most people would say the rain matches their mood but I normally love the rain.

Today…something is off.  And I have a migraine though I think it may be…gasp…manageable. Crazy, I know.

grumpy cat on facebook

Sorry to be such a grouch today.  I’m sure I’ll cheerful up after my endorphins show up.

I’m going to run and hopefully it’s slowed enough  I can run outside.

Not to quote Legally Blonde, but, 'working out releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't kill'

Sorry to be a ray of sunshine!

Run on and run yourselves happy.