Monday morning and I’m gonna live. :)

I suppose that was never in question though, was it?  It was really how cheerful was I going to be about it…

Well…I did get a lot happier.

How could I not…My cute husband came home. I missed his face.  So much. I can’t even tell you.

I can’t even tell you.


I got to hang out with my sweet boy yesterday while Shaughnessy and Adam had a meeting and we had the best time.

Good Lord that child is cute.

And for evidence:


This is what he looks like when you have him wash his hands after going potty…why so happy? He washes his hands for ten minutes so he can play in the fun water.  LOL.  We have a faucet that turns into a sprayer.  Told you he was cute.


The kids stayed for dinner and we all kind of hung out…even Alex in a high maintenance “can you help me with a computer problem” kind of way was there.  He kept Sean on the phone for like…an hour. It was like he was there.  😉


My house is clean (relatively)

Things are mostly organized

I have to start putting  myself first now. And making a concerted effort to the energy thing.

I am the queen of putting everyone else first and not getting a run done. I’ll go weeks without getting a run in because time doesn’t allow it.  I’m woefully unprepared for this race in June and as that’s something I normally do not do, I may not do the race.  I’m definitely not deciding until I get way a bit closer.

I’m definitely going though, so I can see my friend.  I just think you don’t mess around with 15 miles straight up a mountain  (oh man I love the whole idea of this race)….doesn’t that sound cool?? Colorado’s mountains are not for amateurs.  I’m so disappointed in this situation.  It happens though. It happens.  And I have a half coming very quickly after so I’ll do that one for sure…oh the irony…it’s straight downhill. LOL


I read a poster on FB the other day that ranted about FB posts that were so wrong.  You know the type.  The vaguepost, the bragpost, that sort of thing.  And one of the things you aren’t supposed to post about is tragedies.  So apparently, I shouldn’t say, “my heart is so sad for all the families of the people lost on the ferry in South Korea.  And the children…oh my gosh, the children.”  Or anything anywhere resembling any such thing.  Or…prayers for Arkansas right now.  Or…well…you get the drift.  Because that makes the tragedy about ME.  And I’m really attention seeking.

Gotta be honest, that never occurred to me.  Sometimes, I’m so overcome with sadness at a tragedy I have to voice it to someone.  I have to put it down in words.  I feel a pull to say, “this is so wrong, my heart is sad, I bet yours is too”.

But apparently this is not okay.

That makes me sad.  That we take every single thing apart that people say and dissect it rather than just see it for what people might genuinely feel.

I’m not an idiot. I get what they are saying.  I just don’t always agree.
Just my two cents.  And that’s totally all it’s worth for sure.


I have to get ready for work now…they expect me to work.

what animated GIF

I know!  I was shocked, too.

It’s a beautiful morning but today it’s going to be windy as heck here and in the midwest…tornado alley again. So

Run on and run safe.  Maybe today should be a treadmill day.  Choose wisely…

Treadmill vs Outdoor-- I've always been a treadmill runner but have discovered the joy of running outdoors... now that's all I want to do.

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  1. I’m never sure if I am just out of the loop or maybe there is another blog somewhere that I don’t get. Anyway, wondering why you are upset and what the “situation” is with the run. It is like I missed part of the story. Yow!
    I am really upset too about the ferry disaster. All those children just gone. All those parents suffering, the looks on their faces says it all. There is too much loss of life lately, especially children. Too sad for words.

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