Sometimes you have to push yourself.

This was on the Run The Edge Facebook page today and holy smokes…doesn’t it speak volumes?

Yep.  I thought so too.

I need to remember it whenever I don’t feel good but I’m on the line between “don’t feel good” and “want to die”. LOL

There’s plenty of times I choose not to do anything because  that line is so blurred.

Blurred lines Baby.  What a terrible song.


I threw out two quick miles on the treadmill tonight at midnight. 

I have a cold again.  Apparently 5 years without a cold and my body is catching up.

I’m also working on those squats and I’ve been stuck at 175 for three or four days. 

Here’s my problem with squats…they are boring.  I am just bored as hell doing them.

But hey…we do things we don’t like to, right?


The wind is so bad here right now, otherwise I might have done more mileage running outside.

wizard of oz animated GIF

But inside…all I want to do is sit down and talk to my husband.  LOL

I get nothing done.  It’s awesome.

But I figure it isn’t forever, right?  I only have him for three more weeks so I’m using every second I can. 


Run on … and remember that sometimes you have to work it when you don’t feel good.  It’s usually worth it. Judge carefully and wisely.