Still sick.

You’ll have to go to another blog if you are looking for running today.  My cough is unfriendly.  I didn’t run.

However…I’m pretty sure I could do a mean impression of “Smelly Cat”.


Okay….that was last night right? Because I post the night before.  So I’m hoping that this morning as you read this I’ve healed somewhat and no longer have this cold thing holding me back.  We have no wind in the forecast for the day/weekend and a beautiful weekend ahead.  So hey…what can you expect but good things? 


With all these marathons coming up I was thinking I’d write up a quick…here’s what I learned from my experiences….list.  Don’t worry…I’ll keep it short.

I’m going to aim for that for tomorrow’s post thankyouverymuch.

And Michelle and I are meeting for a run on Sunday so we can plan and start her marathon training.  She has the plan I think…I just need to get on board so I can follow along occasionally.


And at some point this weekend I’m getting myself some delicious gluten free cupcakes. It’s just got to happen. And maybe some pizza, too.  At this point I think it’s deserved.  Anyone know of a gluten free place in Denver?

Okay…I realize that’s far fetched but it was worth the ask… 😉

 Run on…and run for something delicious today.  Because life is short.  Have fun.

Wrong attitude to have 70% of the time "another cupcake?" "it's fine, I ran today" lol so me

2 Replies to “Still sick.”

  1. Beaujos or however they spell it does gluten free and dairy free 🙂 dominoes has a gluten free option as well.

  2. You know, I knew about Beau Jo’s (or however you spell it…LOL) but Dominos doesn’t guarantee it’s really gluten free. They actually got sued about that. They have a disclaimer you have to click on before you order your pizza. It’s actually delicious pizza. Sad day.

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