My greatest advice. Or pretty good anyway.

Okay. THAT’S a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean…of all the things I would give advice on…or COULD give advice on…I’m not sure this would be my greatest. 

And in the grand scheme I really don’t know much.

But I’m an everyday runner. I run a lot and I like it a lot and every once in a while I fit a marathon in there.

So with Michelle running her first marathon soon…I thought I would write my favorite tips.

Marathon Gratitude via @Rachel Steffen   I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life!

Here is the magic that I have gleaned.

1.  For the first marathon…keep your goal realistic.  Have fun.  If you have to have goal times…make them A: my dream time, B: my realistic time, and C: my I’ll be happy if I make this time.  I wouldn’t tell anyone any of them.

2.  Do the mileage.  DO IT.  It’s the key to a successful race.

3.  Fuel your body on the run.  Take something about every five or six miles. If you are new to endurance running you’ll have to experiment to find what works for you and doesn’t upset your stomach.  This may take a few tries but there are a ton of options out there.  I’ll list some at the bottom of the blog.  Do it.  Fueling could be the make or break it event of success for a race.

4.  When you’re training, I highly suggest the following training tips:

  • ice baths after a long run of 13 miles or more.
  • compression socks/sleeves for your calves after the long run and the next day
  • foam rolling after each run to prevent injury

5.  Hydrate.  Drink your water.

6.  Remember to honor the rest day.  Just because you have to put the training in doesn’t mean run every day.  You must rest to allow your body to recover.

In the spirit of great advice…don’t hydrate and rest at the same time.

cat animated GIF

7.  Crosstrain at least once a week.  And really…if I had to suggest something I’d say yoga. It’s SO good for you.

8.  Don’t panic, stress, worry or fret.  Take every day for what it offers.  That day’s training.  Don’t look ahead, just look at that day.  This event should be tackled one day at a time.

9.  Find your favorites for running and always have those things at the ready.  It will make every run so much easier.  My running basket has my iPod, Garmin, fingerless gloves and regular gloves, hat, headband for cold weather and hot, pepper spray, small cell phone, chapstick, and sunglasses.

That’s it.  The only real advice I have for you. Oh…and this:

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Run on Friends.  And enjoy the experience of endurance running.

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  1. Ha. Right? I’m supposed to take Miss Raquel to Yoga after the 11th but I’m going to beg off I think until my husband leaves.

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