Busy weekend…

Saturday… we start with Prom:

MT and Morgan went to prom. Could they be any cuter?

Sean and I went to dinner with Shaughnessy, Adam and the boy.  He was being three years old so Shaughnessy gave him her phone with videos of puppies playing…




He was glued to this video.  Laughed his little heart out.  Not for the camera of course, that would be convenient.


This morning I went for a run with Michelle and my poor poor lungs.  I coughed my way through three miles.

Man I’m tired of coughing.  It was a fabulous way to start the week. Gasping, coughing and wheezing.

Still…I got to see Michelle and we caught up a little bit.  Once every six months.  For the win.


I know I post about new adventures I’m trying all the time and sometimes, they just fall through.  That’s a new experience for me…it’s been a rough year for running. But I’m hoping with this new diagnosis, that I’ll start to have more energy and feel generally better overall thus improving my running experience.

So I’ll keep signing up and some I’ll make and some I won’t. And true to me…I just won’t sweat it if I can’t do it. Life is short. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

love animated GIF

Be happy


And thanks for sticking with me. I swear I’m not flaky. I just get really excited about a race and then life hands me  the darn lemons… and I have to wing it.


If you know me at all you know my desire to climb to base camp MT Everest.

Tonight I’m watching the Discovery Channel’s program on the Everest tragedy that just took place on April 18th, 2014.  This tragedy is so painful,  I have followed from the first day.  So many Sherpas lost their lives that day, 16 all total,  the worst accident in Everest history.  The government collects a disgusting amount of money from the climbing community and yet the Sherpa’s families only get $400 for a death benefit.  So many children with no support.

This has nothing to do with running. But if you are at all interested in climbing…this is a story of interest for sure. This is a sad real tragedy in Nepal.

They have ended the climbing season and a wise choice I think.  Just my opinion.

The Washington Post wrote a story on it with several links if you’re interested.


Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Run on and appreciate today.

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  1. LOVE the prom picture….nice looking couple!! Ofcourse “the boy” is adorable!!!! Q T Pies you’ve got!!! Take care and keep on the get well road!!!

  2. Thanks! We do think they are pretty cute. The boy has his moments 🙂
    I’m coughing much less today! I think I may NOT DIE from this! LOL
    The jury is still out.

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