It’s a good day.

Head, eyes, nose, all itchy.

Thank you allergies.

Up all night still coughing.

Voice only half there.

My husband hasn’t left me for lack of sleep.

How long do these things last?

How many drugs can one person take?


sick animated GIF


But today is a new day and it has to be better than yesterday.  It was…one of those bad days.  I’m sure you understand.  We all have them.  So I could dwell on it, talk about it, share the details, but really…

let’s all just brush it under the rug.

Or…turn up the radio, as my dad used to say.

It almost always works…


It’s a rockin’ beautiful morning here.

My time is short with this man.

I refuse to waste time sitting around dwelling on the sad.  Let’s enjoy the little things.

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I keep a running list of things I have to get done everyday and right now my list is growing. What’s THAT about?

I can’t seem to power through it. Every day…it’s freakin longer.

Lack of time and lack of brain power I think.  This cold is creating mush.

Today my goal is to get at least five things on the list done. FIVE.

One of them is running but if the sinus thing kills me too much I’m going to the gym and ellipticalling.  It’s a word.

Have a great day and get your workout on People.


How perfect is this today?  So there you go.

Run on.  And run with good thoughts. 


2 Replies to “It’s a good day.”

  1. You have too many things on your list to “get done”. Take a few off that list!!!xo

  2. I know. I always have a ridiculously huge list! But if I don’t things just don’t get done. Isn’t that the way it is in the whole world? I always thought that was how everybody worked.

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