Holy Allergies Batman…

Another day of misery and I thought…this is the worst.  I’ll never run again at this rate.

sick animated GIF

Okay, that didn’t make a lot of sense, but I thought it was a giggle so there you go. LOL

After talking to my friend Dana, allergy enthusiast and mom to twins… yes folks…she does it all, I have concluded this is in fact the worlds worst allergy attack and she lives through it all the time.

There is HOPE!  She gave me the pharmaceutical answer!

I love drugs.

Just thought I’d throw that out there.

So with the appropriate cocktail I now think I may live.

I finally slept a little last night…only woke up at 3am and 4am…more my usual..LOL

and this morning was wide awake and feeling human at 6am!

It is a GORGEOUS day for running.  Which means it’s a little cooler and overcast!  I love these days.

I’m running after work so I can feel like a human again!

Note all the exclamation points. I’m very excited.



Yesterday I got a TON of stuff done. 

  • Stop and get a scraper for work…Done. (random, I know, but we have those labels that won’t come off)
  • Those silly little medical bills that you can’t pay online?  Paid.
  • Tailor?  Done. (and he was Korean…points to me for the Korean speak)
  • Meeting at the school. Done.
  • Groceries…Done.  (don’t get excited, it was only for one day, I wasn’t that good)
  • Package finally mailed to Thailand! Done. (I just ignored the mean mailman and did it anyway)
  • Vacuumed. Done. (to be fair…MT did this for me. Thanks MT)

So HEY.  I think I surpassed my five things and kicked butt considering I felt like dying.

awesome animated GIF

Does it count that I totally collapsed about 8pm for the night?  Nope. Not kidding.  Went upstairs to lie down and BAM.  I was a goner.

Well, good intentions and all that.

Next time.

Random…but it was funny and I’m in that mood today. So there. 🙂

Run on and remember to be awesome.

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