Surviving Celiac

So we’re all about customer service where I work.  We have little bins of candy at each station and we even offer a little coffee bar (bar is exaggerating a bit…it’s more a cart…whatever it’s free coffee~) with the whole works…creamer, sugar, sweetener, whatever you want.

This guy comes in and asks if we are a XYZ credit union.  Well, no.  Not only are we not a credit union at all, we’re a bank (a common misconception) but our name (the big name on the building) is nowhere near what you are looking for. NOWHERE NEAR the same.  I’m sorry. They both start with “P” though so…points for that.

My co worker Googled XYZ Credit Union to help him find it and I gave him directions.  On the way out he stops at the bar (for the purposes of these exercises…it’s a bar, okay?) and goes to get himself a cup of coffee.  Then he asks…”is this decaf?”

No…sorry.  Regular coffee.

“Yeah, I only drink decaf”.

Dude.  I’m sorry? I’m not even sure where to put that. Customer complaints?  No. Hm.  It’s free coffee. And it’s not even your bank.  Have some Skittles.


I actually easily got up this morning and headed out for a run. It was GLORIOUS.

I might survive this disease.

Short post. I’m super late to work.

Run on Friends and have a glorious day yourselves!

6 Replies to “Surviving Celiac”

  1. This is just a reminder from your dad that some people would b#*@h if they were hung with a new rope.

  2. Haha. Nice. I forgot he used to say that. Well this guy was very polite and grateful for the directions but it was so RANDOM. I can’t even tell you. Just…really. Dude. Go to Starbucks. There’s one on the way…to your bank.

  3. Wow. People. It’s why I struggled in the retail world. I’m working on a post for you….don’t hold your breath or anything, but it may come soon!

  4. It just made us laugh. We’ve been using it to make jokes constantly. Complaining to ourselves about the coffee. Me especially….because I don’t drink coffee. I’m really disappointed. We should do something about it.

    I’m not holding my breath but Yay!

  5. Hahahahahaha! This entire thing is a scream! Also, sorry I made you late to work. Hope you have a good day.

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