Countdown week

We’re right in the middle of countdown week so I’m trying to mentally configure my time so everything gets done.



Time with my husband.


(reprinting this from our SF trip. Cause I like it)

NOT in that order.

I was going to get on the treadmill last night and I thought…

Idiot.  Sean leaves in how much time?

You can run next week.

I blew off the treadmill and I didn’t care.


Tonight after work I’m running a few errands and then hopefully the weather is pretty enough I can go for a quick run outside without missing any Sean time.  Because I do actually need the run to maintain my mental stability (Hey. I do too have mental stability. I just have to find it. keep the snide comments to yourselves, People!).


I have questions. I know… I said I wouldn’t do questions. I lied.

It’s only occasionally…please adjust.

Have you ever run for a charity?  Best and worst part of the experience please. 

I have to roast a chicken that’s already been cut up.  Favorite recipe to do it? 

Run on Friends.  Today enjoy a run just for you.

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  1. Make the week count with lots of together time so you can have these memories until he returns to make more!!

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