Can you handle the truth?

Flashback to A Few Good Men.

So..I obviously exist on endorphins because I’ve been undeniably sad for at least 3 days and I haven’t run in at least that many.  My lame attempt to spend quality time with my husband backfired because by tonight I had reached a new low.

I’m not much higher after running but I do feel better after a few miles on the treadmill.

Let what you love be what you do


I came home and my running time was hijacked by my son in San Diego who is about 3-4 miles from the fires.  He texted me photos of the flames he can see from his window.  Fortunately they live at the bottom of a large hill so they feel fairly safe and there is a good evacuation plan in place if need be.  He’s keeping us posted regularly.

I think I just like running late at night. It’s relaxing to me.


Things that make me crazy:

This list is short~  I am not a road rager by any means. But people that go 30 in a 40 and you’re trapped behind them.

come ON.

So frustrating.

That is all.


So I’m watching Ray Romano on some talk show tonight and he’s talking about his 26 year marriage and all the ways he screws up as a husband. Normal stuff like never complimenting his wife and how he didn’t even say she looked nice on their wedding day.  I don’t even know what to say.

He talks about his wife presenting him with the dress dilemma.  Two dresses, which one looks better?

Men apparently can’t stand this, so he suggests (as apparently men only see a blur of color and perhaps their wife’s head) go in strong.  Choose blindly (but firmly) one of the dresses and then hope she doesn’t ask…”why?”

The irony of this entire situation is that I have just presented my husband with this very scenario.

I figure it’s the least he can do for years of NOT asking “do I look fat in this?”.

So I try on two different dresses and ask which he prefers.

Ray Romano wants to know…what are women actually looking for?

Uh…a real opinion thankyouverymuch.

No joke. A real opinion.

I want my husband to say…whoa.  Too short.

Or…holy freaking cow you have great legs.  Wear that one.

Or…I love the blue. You look great in that color.

Or…the blue one needs something more.

That’s the deal Guys.  That’s what we’re looking for.

Those of us who can handle the truth anyway.

For the record, Sean did choose one he liked. He didn’t know why but he did.


Run on…and run with patience.