I swear I’m still here.

And I’m not curled up in the fetal position crying.

Not yet anyway. LOL.

This week is flying by…unfortunately.


Work is creeping along at a snails pace. Everyone agrees and and we’re all stumped on that one.

By the time the end of the day crawls along…three days later…we are so ready to get out of there. And I’m only there for part of the day. I can’t imagine working a full day.

Monday I was traveling home from MT and home TO Montana. We hung out…walked around the quiet house, checked out dads empty office.  I cried a little. Damn, that office is empty. It totally looks like he left me. His drawers are empty. Ugh. Monday sucked.

Tuesday.  Work, then I went shopping for a dress for this wedding I have and no luck. Four stores.  I’m a hard sell.  This is not a body you can throw any dress on unfortunately.  So I…you’ll love this…stopped at Qdoba (QDOBA!) and bought chips and Queso.  And ate the whole thing.

I’m not even sorry.

I wanted more.

I’ve never been so hungry in my whole freaking life.

Every once in a while you have to eat stupid stuff.  That was mine.

Totally worth it.

Came home…shopped some more.

Read up on Celiac so I could figure out…am I EVER going to feel better?  Possibly…no.

And that’s ok.  As long as I have some idea that it doesn’t happen right away.

I didn’t crash yesterday.  And haven’t for several days.

I ran a few miles with Malachi yesterday morning but my muscles are super achy.

Reading and reading and reading.

Shopping and shopping and shopping.

Driving Morgan (MT’s girlfriend) back and forth to her house.

In the midst of that…no blog. Sad day.

I have a MILLION things to talk about!

So sorry to ditch.

I will attempt to pull it together later.


I just read that Kara Goucher signed with the sports watch company Soleus.  I own a Garmin but it’s not my favorite.  What does it say about me that I immediately want to look at the Soleus?  Am I that easily swayed by a celebrity? Because I’m going to tell you that I usually am not.  As a matter of fact, I am SO definitely not easily swayed by celebrity. This is worth looking at.

I’ll be checking into this more.  And the watch for sure.



I seem to keep stealing from I <3 to Run.  They are a great Facebook site.  Good motivation.

Run on and when you just need to…run it out.

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  1. I think you should get the Soleus watch and then get a dress for the wedding to match 😉 I don’t have one (hoping for one soon) but hear they are good.

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