Welcome to my neurosis.

Oh, I’ve already told you? Well, it’s my blog and we all know there’s only about four of you that read so HA.  You get to read all about the insanity anyway.

Here is my dress story.  And apparently it’s a book.

I have this amazing wedding coming up. My friend in Cleveland (I know, I don’t understand why she couldn’t get married in Hawaii either but she likes Cleveland so we’re going with it) is marrying her BFF and I’m meeting my sweet husband there for the weekend.

I thought…well damn.

I need a new dress.


Let me interrupt this story to remind everyone that I am self conscious as hell and it is always always a trial to find something to wear to an event. 

So I’m shopping online and there it is. How freakin’ easy was THAT?  I ordered it and done.  While I was there…I found another one I could wear to work. Done. I even shared it on this very blog. 

I know. I should link it but it’s one in the morning so I’m kind of…not up to it. But trust me. I did.

So when they arrive…well…they are a little bit long. Because hello…they were on models who were 5’9″ and I’m …


But they were SO CUTE> (although the blue was a little bright for my taste. I wanted it a tad bit darker. Like navy. It’s so…cheerful)

So I had them tailored.

The tailor made the little blue one PERFECT.

The little black one is a tad.bit.short.

Is this a crisis?  Not really.  I have decent legs. Not great, but pretty good. I run so I trust my legs are pretty good.

But when I tried the dress on…

my family all kind of…



it did not go over well.

Though Sean said he liked it.  First…he said it was short. Then he said…it looked nice. My daughter said…wow. Short.  MT outright said no way.  They all said it was like nothing I had ever worn before so I got the distinct feeling of..no.

Um…just to throw this out there…when do I go anywhere People?


I really liked it.  Color me sad.

Then I tried on the blue one I bought to wear to work and everyone loved it way better than the other one.

I instantly disliked it.

I didn’t want to wear that one.  I wanted the black one.  I thought it was so cute.

But I can’t wear the black one now because I’ll be really really self conscious that it is in fact too short and it’s not nearly as cute as I think it is.

and the blue one…yeah…I don’t want that one.  It’s not the one I wanted to wear.

So I presented this to my friend at work who was like…uh…seriously?

Yes…I hear it.  I get it.  I realize exactly how petty, unbelievable and childish the entire thing sounds.

I’m just disappointed.

You know, you get a new dress and you want it to be exactly the right thing and instead it’s not.


So I left work and went dress shopping thinking maybe I’d find a whole other option that would eliminate the other two from the situation and I could be excited about it again. Three hours later I was home, exhausted, sore feet and really really frustrated.  But I had found a conclusion.

I no longer cared.

I just. didn’t. care.

No one is going to be looking at me anyway. The bride is DARLING. Oh my gosh she’s so cute. And I can’t WAIT to see her.  She’s been through so much this past year and I’m beyond excited to see her and be there for her event.   That is way more important that me and a ridiculous dress.


I came home and cleaned. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve de-stressed by scouring my entire house.  And let me tell you…that’s exactly what I did.  It felt amazing.

Bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, refrigerator, you name it…I did it.

Periodically I cried.

This week has been hard….we all know that and we don’t need to rehash it.

Cleaning calms the chaos in my head.


Run on…it clears the chaos.

6 Replies to “Welcome to my neurosis.”

  1. OMG, as women we have all had that experience! Whatever you wear you will look great, you always do, I just saw you and you looked so good. Take them both and decide on the spur of the moment and remember…you do have great legs. Have a safe trip and keep in touch. I love you lots.

  2. Thanks 🙂 I felt like a giant brat. ha. And still do. Women. We can be so dumb. I love you, too!

  3. And I still have no clue what I’m wearing. For what it’s worth, I bet the short one is awesome. Also the blue one. And the zebra too. Wanna know why? Cause the person who be wearing it is awesome!!!

    1. My blog isn’t giving me my comments. Frustration.

      I loved the black. But everyone loved the blue. I figured I’d wear it and quit being a baby.
      I LOVE you.
      You look fabulous all the time and you have way better legs than I do so you’re pretty safe! I should only have your closet!

  4. I’ve toyed with both. But I’ll probably wear the blue. I can be so adventurous!

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