Feeling the love. And a little of the crazy.

Thanks so much for the understanding about the neurosis on the dress crazies.  Some of my craziness I feel can be completely explained.

Some of it…well…it’s embarrassing to admit out loud.

I still admit it.

Some things I’ll take to my grave and some things, hell, I’ll tell you people. That’s love right there. 🙂


I feel like the plane just landed and the next one is taking off.

I just spent an hour and a half and the length of a movie with MT trying to check Sean and I in without spending a fortune in “seat upgrades”. Ridiculous. I already paid for this flight People. Just give me the seats!

Airlines. It’s a good thing I love to travel.


I went shoe shopping.
I started to feel bad about it.  And then I thought…what the hell…my husband went to another country and I can’t just eat a cupcake like a normal person.

Shoes are the answer.

No guilt at all here.  They were Target shoes anyway.  Very reasonable.


Malachi looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes all day because I didn’t run him.  I just haven’t had two seconds.  I HAD to be a mom.

My kid comes before my running.

That is a tough choice.  I know to be a better mom…a better person… a better wife….I run.  It just makes me  better.

But sometimes when I’ve been so busy all around and have no time for anything then I have to give things up and recognize that life can wait but my kid can’t.

So I talk to him.

I listen to him.

I spend time with him.

We watch our favorite movies together.

We eat grilled cheese together.

Okay, that one doesn’t really happen because I don’t do that but I make a killer grilled cheese sandwich the second time (90% of the time I burn the first one…today we had success. I was very attentive).  I totally have no patience.

So hopefully tomorrow morning I can maybe run and if not…MT will have to run him.  Malachi needs some love to.

So much neglect going on.  My poor little family.  I’m missing my Shaughnessy too.


It’s again 1AM and I am still up. I also have not packed. SO…I am off to bed.

... to the far reaches of the Earth. Breathe in the crisp air and fill your lungs with life.

I’m reusing one of my favorites.  Because it makes me smile.

Run on…and run wild.