Travel adventures…oh man. But worth it.

I got to leave work early so I could race to the airport in a frantic attempt to make my flight to Dallas  after dealing with Memorial Day travelers and DIA security lines.

Surprisingly…I found the shortest lines ever at DIA.  It was superfast. I would highlight and italicize that but it’s again…1am my time…3am Pittsburgh time and I don’t know how to make my husband’s computer do that.  But trust me. It was fast.

I have a great seat on the flight which I paid dearly for and cheerfully stow my bag.

As the flight fills up I’m joined by two young people who are the nicest ever.  They are chatting and we’re sharing information and generally laughing about the day.  At which point the flight attendant comes up and tells me I need to properly stow my bag.  We all collectively think she’s talking about the other person’s bag because mine is clearly pretty tightly smushed in there.  I explain that it is actually stowed it just maybe doesn’t look like it. She sternly and LOUDLY says, “I can see it. I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT”.

Wow.  Everyone around us looked.  We got the attention of about twelve people. I feel like I got in trouble at school.  I totally smushed it the rest of the way in as best I could and scrunched in my seat.  She walked by and checked multiple times throughout the flight.  Charming.

It was so shockingly … out there…I had several people tell me if I didn’t complain they were going to.

Her and the other flight attendant ended up being fairly cranky the entire flight and you know…we all bonded through the cranky.  We had a great time as passengers and it was generally fun.  The sarcasm was flying and it was fine.  Turns out someone overheard the crew had a very rough previous flight.  While that doesn’t in ANY way excuse the way they treated us, everyone has a bad day.  It’s really not worth my time.  And I had a great time with the other passengers.  This flight was late and we knew the connecting flights were going to be unbelievably snug if we even made them at all.

One of my seatmates ordered a gin and orange juice (this actually didn’t go over well) and when it came it was the prettiest little blue bottle.  I thought…ask him if you can have that instead of throwing it away. Then I got distracted by the guy behind me giving me a hard time again.  And alas…forgot.

I raced off my flight and literally ran (I had changed into my running shoes) to the next flight (and to Sean!) making it just in time for them to sit on the runway and not go anywhere because there was something wrong with the plane.  We finally disembarked and got on a new plane.  This crew was great!  So nice!  I asked one of the crew members if he had the same kind of gin and he pulled the bottle out…I told him I loved the bottle and even though I don’t drink…how much was it?  He just gave it to me.

Best moment ever.

So we finally land in Pittsburgh.  It’s 1am.  We get out rental car. It’s a gorgeous Dodge Charger. Things are looking up.  We get to the hotel and on a whim I decide to try the gin. Just a tiny TINY little sip.

Anyone catch the problem?


Besides the fact that it tastes like Robitussin (seriously why would anyone drink that?) it has wheat in it. Yep.  I have been itching for the last hour. Most miserable ever.  Benadryl is my friend.

That is that.

On an UP note…I did get that run in with Malachi!  Perfect way to start the morning!

This was long and mostly probably boring and it’s so late I can’t even dig for a motivation so I will leave you but most probably post again tomorrow so it will make more sense.

Run on…and hopefully you’ll make your connecting flights. 🙂


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  1. I actually like a nice gin. Tell me what brand was it? It tastes to me like the juniper bushes outside the house on 36 th smelled. I liked the smell of them but hated the pricklyness.

  2. Bombay Sapphire was the brand. Still yuck. *shudder* Still makes me itch to think about it.

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