Great intentions and all that….

Oh my gosh Ohio is so freakin’ beautiful.  It’s green and historic and unique and overall…small town fabulous.  I can’t wait to run this morning.

Yeah…I didn’t get a chance yesterday.  Really…did we expect that to happen?  I had BIG dreams.

We slept in until 8:30 (remember I was stoned on Benadryl from the allergy attack with the gin) so I probably would have slept longer if housekeeping hadn’t pounded on the door at 8:3o.  I figured they would leave the room alone until we left since we were only there for one night. Apparently…no.

We stopped and had lunch at this great little place called “Ground Round”.  I think it’s just a little chain restaurant, kind of like an Applebees but it was still so good and the service was quite nice.  They had a great gluten free menu and I had an awesome salad.  They did offer tons of things besides the salads but I’m a salad lover so…yum.

Ran into the Rite Aid to pick up a few things…okay gummies…and a new toothbrush. Sean accidentally used mine this morning which totally cracked me up. Who does that?  So I used it anyway to get me through the morning and then stopped and picked up a new one.  Maybe I’ll label it so there are no chances taken. LOL

Off we go to Cleveland…check into the hotel which is GREAT and then to the picnic to see Miss Erin and Jeremy. Seriously they are so cute . And hello…8 million people there.  So. many.

I ate again (I love burgers and never get one.  She had gluten free buns there! (Snoopy dance) I had to have one.  Hung around for a few minutes and then skipped out.  Did a little driving and ended up at the movies.  We saw Blended. Such a great movie!  We laughed SO HARD.  It was purely hysterical and clean.  Love it.  Highly recommend…go see it.

Home to the hotel and we run into Miss Erin having a sit around in the hotel lobby with all her out of towners.  So there you go.  We hung out for about ten minutes and left for our room.

Busy all day with little things and didn’t do anything memorable, but we were together and it was so nice.  We were obnoxious, sarcastic, kind, thoughtful and overall ourselves with each other. It was a nice day.

The plan today is to run/do laundry (guess who is doing what?) , have lunch with Miss Ria and her husband, then dress for the wedding and attend the fun and collapse out of exhaustion and delight.  Hopefully it is an amazing day free of stress and hassle and worry.  Miss Erin deserves the absolute best day of delight and my gosh with all the love that seems to be surrounding her so far I don’t think that will be a problem.

I’m off to run.  Have a beautiful day~!

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Run on…and delight in your friends today. 


11 Replies to “Great intentions and all that….”

  1. Sounds wonderful….keep cherishing every sarcastic, kind, thoughtful, and “just together” moments!!!

  2. I am so there with you Tess. My time is so short I am for sure enjoying every moment and peppering him with extra heavy sarcasm. He’s pretty thrilled I gotta say.

  3. You had three kids with this guy and sharing a toothbrush ickd you out? Um I would have washed it and gone on lol. As long as there was no gin on it

    1. Okay…it wasn’t SUPER gross. But I did need to replace it. No gin. But it was definitely funny.

  4. I got a free night at a hotel one time for that reason. If they have a computer system (hello! They all do now!) they shouldn’t be trying to clean the room until it’s shown as “checked out”. Originally they told me I could have some free toothpaste (really?)… and I told them I’d be writing to headquarters.

    Sounds like you otherwise had a lovely day 🙂

    1. Yeah…that’s what I thought, too. I actually considered making a comment since I was on like…barely any sleep and I’ve had this killer headache for days on end. But instead I just got up. LOL.

      LOL on the free toothpaste. What a deal!

  5. Next time find the “do not disturb” sign and put it on the door before you go to sleep. Hopefully they will have one. I always do that but sometimes they don’t have one. Hope you have a good day. Love you lots.

  6. I almost always put out the do not disturb sign. But this time it was SO late when we got in we were just too fried. I didn’t think of it until I was in bed and then really did have the thought…well I could get up…but we’re checking out. So we should be good for the morning. And I never sleep super late even on drugs.

    There you go. Teach me to do my own thinkin’.

    Thanks! Love you lots, too

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