I take a lot of pictures of my husband. And that’s okay.

This isn’t even all of them. Ha.

Sorry I missed everyone yesterday. I was recovering from the insanity. Traveling at midnight…work the next day and generally sleeping a lot.

Plus, I spend a lot of my time wondering…am I any better?  Am I still completely poisoned or am I healing slowly.

Celiac of course, is what I’m talking about.

And I truly have no idea.

I have violent itching reactions, and quickly, to any kind of gluten from a drink, a drug or a lotion.

But a food, that’s more strange.  I get more of a standard reaction for that. I’ll leave that to your Googling.

I just can’t tell if I’m clean or not. Is it ever possible to be completely clean of it.

And if not, what does that mean for me?


So on to the next thing.

Sean and I had a great weekend.  I’m so grateful we got this last weekend and I would do it again in a heartbeat. He’s so the best part of me.

Also…Ohio. Who would have thought it would be so amazing. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL.  We both thought we could totally live there.  Although we totally thought that about Pittsburgh, too.  Now LA?  No. Just No.

Some shots of yesterday. This is at the airport as we were saying goodbye. I wanted a goodbye pic.  I took too many of the same thing and I didn’t care one bit. He is so cute I could take a billion.



No running today.  Only sleeping. We both got in at Midnight or later. He was up all night and I was up and down through the night texting him.

I slept after work so I could try and recover. Hopefully tomorrow I can attempt a reboot.  🙂

I’m excited to run tomorrow. The weather is beautiful and the puppy* is looking forward to it. My legs need the stretch.

But I’m feeling sore in both legs which could be a little Celiac or it could be just general damage from no foam rolling.

I need yoga. I need to look at some schedules and see when a class is open.

So much to do and so little coherent time. #asIyawn

In the long run, adventure becomes routine..!!

Run on and remember to seek adventure…

In case anyone is curious…the puppy is a 7 year old Shiba Inu named Malachi but he’ll always be a puppy to me. 🙂

His best friend is a cat named Skosh.  He thinks he owns the house. He is Alex Michael’s alter ego in a cat. So obnoxious.

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  1. Thanks! We did have a great weekend. It was one of those, holy cow…every part of this has been good. What are we missing? weekends… It was awesome.

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