I wasn’t expecting THAT for sure…

When we were on our way to the airport in Pittsburgh my migraine had escalated to a new high.  I was in a ton of pain and the drugs just didn’t seem to want to kick in.  Flying never helps so we had picked up a blanket and looked at one of those pillows that holds your head, right?  But none of them seemed comfortable. But I had a muscle on the side of my neck that was seriously killing me. So I had an idea. I thought maybe one of those little airport kiosk massage things might help. We discussed which airport we had seen that in…we’ve been in so many recently.

So I Googled “Pittsburgh Airport massage”.

…well now.




Holy smokes. Any innocence I had left just flew out the window.

Okay…newsflash, I’m not really innocent. But HEY.  Be nice.

I know, you’re shocked.

shocked animated GIF

Up pops “Happy Endings” and it was promising me…well let’s just say… I could have a good time on my layover.

So….I just took more drugs and skipped that whole massage thing.

That’s all we have to say about that. This is a family blog.


I peeled myself out of bed this morning and showed up.  I mean…I showed up at work but I also showed up by doing a good job. Because I do my best to not half ass it at work.

It didn’t work really well as I cheerfully walked from my desk to another to toss some paperwork down and on the way back I totally hit the floor to pass out. HA.  Yep.  I didn’t pass out though…I knew it was happening.  Grabbed a table edge on the way down and just let myself lie on the floor.  SUPER happy I wore a dress.  I just hung out and waited to feel a little more regulated.  I am certain I just was moving too fast and turned too much without giving myself enough time to catch up. It’s very common with me.  But it was dang funny because apparently it’s never happened with the group of people that were at work so I had to holler at them not to call an ambulance. LOL.  I’m just dizzy! (don’t worry Mom…it’s really normal and not a big deal plus I will be popping in to see my doctor so I’ll totally tell him).

I think I’m slowly recovering from … I’m not sure… days upon days of that damn migraine. Or several days of little to no sleep from travel.

Nevertheless…I am feeling way more human though,  again, I’m yawning as I type that! LOL



I couldn’t take the yard looking that way anymore. I had to mow.  It was awful.  It’s a jungle out there…

jungle book animated GIF


A few miles with the puppy in the morning makes for a good start and hopefully I can get a better rhythm so that can just be his morning walk and I can get a run in also.  I seem to be stuck in the 3-5 mile mode.  Or should I say the 2-5 mile mode since Malachi’s path is two miles and he seems dead set on just doing that.

Editing this to ask:  Anyone else have that issue?  Stuck in a rut with their training?  I haven’t ever had it before…


Routine is going to be good for all of us.

Run on and be excellent to each other.

4 Replies to “I wasn’t expecting THAT for sure…”

  1. Goodness Gracious!!! No massages for me at airports!! ha Wow you really had a whopper of a migraine. I’m so very sorry. Migraines are impossibly crippling sometimes and this one sounds “dizzying”!!!! Take care of you!!!

  2. LOL, right? You and I both know how bad the migraines get and this one was pretty bad. But I just couldn’t seem to get it under control. The weird thing was…right in the middle of the flight to Dallas…BAM. It was better. Random, huh? So weird. I was not complaining. Thanks!!

  3. Hmmm…maybe that dizzy and falling thing was a delayed reaction to what you saw on the “massage” website. I hope you don’t end up with a lot more of that on your phone, Haha. Anyway, glad you are OK and be careful.

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