Hard choices.

We’ve discussed this before. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and thinking “here she goes again…on her soapbox”. But the beauty of this is you can always close the page.  One never has to actually read this blog if one doesn’t want to.

Gotta love the internet.

So here we go, let’s dive right in.


There is such a word that is so ugly as to hurt my brain nearly as much as the curse words we all know I don’t use.  That word is Snarky.

Now for the record…there is a difference between sarcasm and snarky.  Sarcasm is an art form and if done correctly can be damn fun.  Snarky is just mean.

Now check this out.  I have actually heard it used with pride several times this week on other blogs and in descriptions of blogs, like they are proud of the level of mean they can be on their blog.

And hearing women describe themselves and other women with this word just turns my stomach thinking about the mean things people say about each other.

mean girls animated GIF


For the purposes of this blog post, we’re going to stick to just saying women but I’m aware there are men who can be just as mean and hateful.  I just don’t feel like saying men and women through the whole post.


I cannot stand the hypocrisy of women who will one moment stand strong and demand the end of women being mean to women in one breath and in the very next they will post a snide comment about or to someone.

Remember being in middle school and the girls were horribly mean?  Remember how awful it felt to be the one left out?

Remember in high school when the middle school girls grew up and only got worse?

Remember being an adult and feeling left out, having no friends, fighting to find your place in life and feeling lost?

I never want to feel that way again.


How easy is it to judge someone. We don’t know anyone’s story. No one actually shares their whole life on social media.  Who are we to pick someone’s life apart and make those judgements and comments and assumptions.  It shocks me to think anyone would assume anyone would and treat them as such.

Spend your time doing something productive.  Work on the golden rule instead of being so angry and unhappy all the time.  Work on what makes you and your family happy instead of worrying about what everyone else could be doingOtherwise, what a sad life you have created for yourself, concentrating on being mean to people.


I choose  to feel empowered by the positive vibes I get from the kind amazing people I choose to be around.

I choose to garner my strength from taking a different  happier kinder path even if it was a difficult emotional choice.

I’m not sure I’ve said everything the way I wanted to say it. But I suppose I can be done. If you stuck around, thanks. 🙂


Shhhh...That's what ya gotta do!

be kind quotes 5Run on…it’s a beautiful kind amazing world and we should be loving it.  I wish for you beautiful things.