Creating energy

Before my dad died I used to talk to him fairly often, maybe two or three times a week.  I’d get off work around two or three and call him on my way home and we’d just talk about nothing important. Those were my favorites. I found myself dialing his number after he died.  This was a really hard habit to break.  I did finally break it though I caught myself doing it just about a month ago.  Strange.

I call Sean after work and talk to him every day. I’ve mentioned that before.  Tormenting him as I’m sure he’s thinking, “geez wife, I’m tryin’ to work here” and hello…those teller stories are really not that interesting.

hey now. They are SO interesting.

Well now….I find myself dialing him.  Ugh.  Worst WORST feeling.

It’s ridiculous because I get to email him and I’ve even talked to him but still that comfort of calling him after work is missing.

Sad. Day.

That is all.  (bet you were thinking…wow. That was a fascinating tale. Is there more to that story? There really wasn’t.)


MT brought his girlfriend Morgan over to have dinner yesterday.  She told me I have really pretty eyes.

I so asked her if she was Eddie Haskelling me.

She gave me a blank look as I expected but hey…MT educated her and now she knows better. 🙂


I’ve been hearing from so many incredibly nice people asking me how I’m doing.  It’s SO thoughtful.

It just occurred to me today…I’m doing really well.  I have my house. My cat. His dog.  Our bed.  Our kids. Our grandkid.  Every single thing familiar to me.

Obviously the thing most important, Sean, is missing, but isn’t it much easier when you’re home?

Sean has nothing AND he doesn’t have me.

He has no family, no home, no dog sorry animated GIF , no cat (okay, he’s really probably okay with that one) and a brand new job he has to adjust to. I think he definitely got the raw end of the deal. Even if it was his choice.  That doesn’t mean it was an easy one.  Massive respect for that choice.


MT and I ran a little over 3.5 miles last night. wait.  Let me do the math.

MT and I ran a little over 2 miles last night.  Malachi and I ran about a mile and a half.  So I got the job done. It was sort of a “two a day” LOL.  And MT was hurting.  Bless his heart.  I’m forcing him out the door.

Miss Reggie is forcing him to do burpees but if she thinks he’s doing 100 on the first day she is SOO wrong.  LOL

And hey…did you forget. It’s JUNE>  Just the best month EVER.

birthday animated GIF

Not yet!  But soon!

You can expect an entire month of birthday harassment because did I mention it’s JUNE and that is the best month ever.

I toyed with doing a ~run every day the month of June~ thing but who am I kidding? HA.  So not happening.

But I may try and go for record mileage.  Something completely unrealistic of course.  The goal being…Feel better.  Just run.  See if you can create energy to create energy.  Usually works.  Let’s dive right in!  MT ditched me tonight and by the time he confessed to ditching me…it was 11pm.  Truthfully the ditching consisted of, “I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow”.  Slacker. So I’m going to aim for a morning run and not count on him.

I plan on having such an awesome run Morgan Freeman should narrate it!  #running #motivation #fitness

Run on…and may your run be as awesome as you are.