National Running Day~Hello!

June 4th is National Running Day which is awesome on so many levels. It’s fabulous because well…

it’s in June.

Right there now. We could be done.

It’s all about running.  I’m gettin’ overwhelmed.

And it’s about so many people running. You just have to love the community.

It is easy to narrow down why I run.  Because I have to. Because I don’t know how not to need a run.  And running just makes me better.

I’m not fast. I’m not intense. And I’m not competitive.  I just have to run. That’s all.

My age doesn’t matter. My weight doesn’t matter.  My speed doesn’t matter.  My lack of training doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t even matter if I am running a race or not.  In fact, I prefer just running without the race.

All that matters is that my favorite favorite part of running is just heading out the door and running.  And I could do it every day forever. 

Please God.  I’ll take Celiac. I’ll take Hypothyroidism. I’ll take the migraines, allergies and side effects of everything. Just don’t take away running. 


Tonight I ran 3.2 miles, part with Malachi and part by myself. I’ll be honest, I enjoy the part by myself much more.  It’s a little better rhythm.  But Malachi has such a good time~

This is a picture of MT not running with me.  He went to Muay Thai instead. Slacker~


Run on…and today you really should do it.  It’s that kind of day.