Allergy hell. Thank you Colorado.

So here was my yesterday.

  • I got to run
  • spent the day with my puppy
  • got a gift from work where they told me I was wonderful and they really appreciate me (beyond cool)
  • got out early!
  • went to the movies with MT <3 (X Men, it was good!)
  • came home to die from allergies so not important
  • crashed into bed
  • What an amazing day.

happy animated GIF

I hoped my allergies would cooperate but…no. Sad day. And today I almost didn’t get up.  Seriously…you know they had allergies…look at that field she’s twirling in!  I’m sneezing just looking at it. Crazy.

But I did get up and powered through.

Dinner with Miss Andrea and PF Chang’s and I’ve never been there SO GOOD.

I got there at 5…I got home at 11.  yeah…it was a long day.  We shopped at TJMaxx.  Yes.  I got another pair of shoes.


I swear I’m going to rehab for it.

No more.  I promise. But man they’re cute.

Then dinner.

Then Barnes and Noble.


miss congeniality animated GIF

                 Oh come on. You had to know that one was coming.

I mean really.  I love my husband but I could totally marry Miss Andrea.  It’s true love.

It’s okay. I can say that. He loves her too.


I was WAY WAY too sick to run today and by the time I was on my way home I was coughing so hard I thought I would throw up so I decided…perhaps tomorrow.  Sleep tonight.

Pray for me.  I don’t want to die from allergies.

Run on…enjoy that amazing feeling.