I AM still alive. And so ready to move on!

Any minute now…


nope.  Still feelin’ a little off.  *understatementoftheyear*


I started my day being FED UP.  I called and begged for a dr appt and he saw me first thing.

The minute Dr. Josh saw me…wow…he definitely paid attention.

He very quickly gave me a steroid shot, a series of antibiotics in case I have an infection (signs of sinus and such led him to be suspicious), and a scrip for cough syrup with my favorite…a narcotic.

*better living through pharmaceuticals*

Obviously I impressed.  Everyone who hears me says, “Wow.  You sound…AWFUL”.  LOL. Thank you.  You know that whole “I sound worse than I feel?”  Totally not true.


I stopped at the store to pick up my scrips and figured I’d attempt some basic grocery shopping as I’m…you know…the mom.

An hour later I’m standing in my kitchen enjoying tortilla chips and canned jalapeno cheese for lunch.

*no regrets*

Guess what?  I finished it off for dinner.  I did split it with salsa so there was a resemblance of a veggie in there but that might be pushing it.


I spent the afternoon laying in the sun trying to remind my deprived body what Vitamin D was.

It was warm and beautiful and happy.

I mean, except that MT talks a lot and I can’t sleep.

My favorite?


::snapsawake:: Yeah?

~”Oh, I was afraid you were asleep.  I wondered how you wanted the yard landscaped.”

I love that boy.  I remind myself at those times.


I <3 to run has a great thing going on.

They created an “endurance run” of 100 miles for the month of June.  You can still sign up anytime.  I LOVE the whole idea of it.   I desperately wanted to sign up for it. I love challenges but as soon as I sign up for a streak or a challenge, something happens.  Hypothyroidism, Celiac, migraine, or…a deathly awful allergy attack.  What the heck.

Kind of a bummer.

So I figure I’ll keep on moving and see how close I can come anyway.  I really love the idea and I need to keep the forward motion for sure.

It’s important to do what you can do. Maybe you can’t reach everybody’s goal but you can move and you can be included and maybe you’ll surprise yourself with how far you can go.  Keep the forward motion!

I think I ran two times in June before this sucker hit me. I’m SO CLOSE> 😉


Ready to run tomorrow!  It’s still birthday week and I want to run as much as I can.  After so many days of sleeping I need to move this body.

Run on…challenge yourself…

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