Do you run when you’re sick?

I am definite in recovery and after resting a bit last night I took the puppy for a walk. WALK being the operative word. I was too nervous that running would be inhaling all things hayfever at top speed into my lungs.

Or at least Tess speed. Too much, anyway.

He had a good time and I’m glad I got him out the door. He was looking all melancholy like.


When you’re sick there are certain rules of thumb you can follow before you make the decision to run.

The most basic rules are:

If you are sick above the neck you are safe to throw out a run, but take it easy.

If you are sick below the neck,  it’s best to rest a few days and see if you can feel better. 

How do you feel?  Maybe just resting a day or two is a good idea anyway.  Your training can definitely wait a day or two while you rest up and heal and frankly if you choose to push yourself when you’re sick you’ll probably do more harm than good and soon find yourself set back much farther.  Take the days.  It’s worth it.

If you HAVE to get a workout in, try some cross training. Go for a walk, try pool running.  Maybe a yoga class.  Something low impact.

The benefit of resting far outweighs the harm of pushing yourself.


Run on…and take care of you.

4 Replies to “Do you run when you’re sick?”

  1. Ha. You sound like my mom.
    Wait. ARE you my mom? My mom IS an evil genius… ::questioningeverythingnow::

  2. Tee Hee!!! No I’m not your Mom but haven’t you ever heard that ANNOYING phrase “Your Mother’s Always Right”?

    1. *sigh* yes. And I suppose if you ARE a mom… dammit.

      My kids are constantly questioning me, “do you ALWAYS have to be right?”. Um…it comes with the mom genes? Not to be confused with the ever despised “mom jeans”. haha. I’m getting loopy.

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