Hm. Take the fan out of the window maybe.

I took Malachi for a walk again.  A short two miles but hey…I’m moving! Yep.  I’m still down with this allergy thing.

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One of my police officer friends that I work with came in today and asked what the hell was wrong with me.

You know…with love.

So I told him allergies have got me down.

He then proceeded to interrogate me before  sheepishly admitting his daughter has been complaining of allergies for almost a week and every morning she wakes up with incredibly swollen eyes and nose and she feels horrible.

“Do you think it’s the fan I have in the window?” he asks.

Yes. yes I do.

“Huh” he says, “she told me but I didn’t believe her”.

Oh Lord the poor child.


World Cup tomorrow Baby…

Brazil against Croatia.  Looks like you can see it on ABC, ESPN and Univision.  In Denver…it’s on at 2pm. 


I don’t usually post about my food but seriously, this is what I ate today. I’m so freaking lazy that for breakfast I had an avocado and for dinner I had a sweet potato. For lunch I had a nap. Lunch was my favorite.  Oh…I did have a random protein bar I had at work for a snack.  Something called Pumpkin Pie.  It did NOT taste like Pumpkin Pie in case you were wondering.


Guess what’s happening in two days???

Yep.  It’s my birthday!

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 #sports #motivation

Run on Friends…

2 Replies to “Hm. Take the fan out of the window maybe.”

  1. Well, of course that depends on what you did. But anyway, glad you are a bit better. Any sign of your birthday present?

  2. You know…I had that same thought. LOL
    And Yep! I thought I’d call you this morning. We got it last night. Our mail comes late. THANK YOU! Muah.

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