Friday the 13th! The best day in June EVER. Almost.

It’s my birthday!  Yep yep yep.

birthday animated GIF


Today my son is saying his goodbye’s to the Marine Corps and heading home on terminal leave.

So happy and so sad at the same time.  He feels the same way.

Really conflicting feelings but it’ll be good to have him home.



This day is bittersweet because I really just want to be with Sean. I’m sadness today.

Missing this guy.



I’m super tired.  I could sleep for a week.

Today I want to:

  • get through work
  • come home and take  a nap
  • clean my house. Yep. that makes me happy.
  • go for a run.
  • eat something yummy.  Some delicious kind of Mexican food.  Yes.

And in there I’ll include drugs because…Allergies.

So in honor of my birthday I’m posting my favorite motivation which I post too often.


 Run on and enjoy every minute of your gift….

8 Replies to “Friday the 13th! The best day in June EVER. Almost.”

    1. Oh man. I’ve done nothing BUT sleep. Sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I finally feel human!

  1. Hope you had a wonderful day, thought about you all day and wished I could be there to take you to lunch. Looks like someone took you out for drinks, can’t imagine what that was but hope it was good. Love you lots.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful day. How was the movie? I figured it to be too sad for my taste but hope it was good.

  3. Oh the movie…yeah…it was a tear jerker. You’re probably better off not watching it. But it was good.

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