Stretching my boundaries.

I’ve been a little off since last week.  But I’m hoping I’m on the upswing.  Some side effects of Celiac are not friendly and do not assist in everyday comfortable living.  But I think that little awkward stage is either passing or I got a reprieve for the day and thank you Lord I’ll take it.


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                                                A valid concern right there…


Malachi and I did our quickie two mile run tonight.  I wanted to go farther but I ended up helping MT and chatting with a friend. I have to figure out a better time to run Malachi, like at 6am.  OR…run at 6am and run Malachi in the evening because this schedule is so not working for me. And I feel SO much better.  I no longer want to die.

From allergies I mean.

The Celiac may still kill me.


I have a race in two weeks and I’m woefully unprepared for it but I love the Slacker half marathon so much I am totally doing it anyway. It’s the Highest downhill half marathon in the country.  So I’ll run my heart out for the next two weeks and see where it takes me. Outside my boundaries for sure.


A friend of mine has been having some pain when he runs.  He’s a treadmill runner only and starts the machine and just goes.  This brings up such a valid point.  Are you a stretcher or do you just … go?

I just go.

But I should stretch.

Since we’ve figured out that static stretching is causing so many injuries if done before a run when your muscles are cold and dynamic stretching is so good for you to warm up with before you run it’s really only common sense to put a simple routine together that’s fast and gets the muscles warmed up.

An example of static stretching

Static stretching is good for a nice cool down.  Keep it at that.

This is a great video link from Runners World with a quick Dynamic stretching routine:

It’s an easy routine that totally looks like it could be done in just a few minutes before a run.

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And this is a great example of me and my awesome stretching routine.


Sports motivation

Run on…and work for something bigger.