just a quickie :)

I’m at work….cheating. Yikes! 

I woke up this morning and totally thought it was 7am. I was SO tired having once again gotten very little sleep. Dragged myself through a basic morning routing and then quickly figured out…

It was 5:45. Huh. Apparently with age you lose the ability to tell time.

Love that.

I tried to go back to bed but really.  that was so not happening.


Guess what’s BACK??

Yep. Like the Black Plague.

My allergy attack.

Okay, probably not as bad as the plague but I have already notified my doctor in an attempt to preempt the last event.


Guess WHO’S back??

THIS GUY!! Alex Michael!!


The one on the right…not the left.  He’s been here the whole time. LOL

The Marines are DONE with him.  They’ve had him too long and sent him home to me. Yay me.  🙂

Running tonight and I’ll post again with motivation and love.

Run on and enjoy your beautiful day!

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