No photographic evidence.

There is nothing worse than spending the entire evening with the cutest person in the whole world and you have no photographic evidence.

So wrong.

I got to pick up the boy yesterday and we went straight for ice cream.  This was not because he’s awesome…though he is.

This was because he was doing the potty dance and wouldn’t use the restroom. I didn’t want him in my car for an hour’s drive until he went.  So I bribed him. Whatever, I’m not his mom.

Coldstone it is!

Now…not only did he get a delicious cone with “white ice cream and stwawbewwies on a cone” but I was able to get a little ice cream with strawberries also.  This particular flavor is gluten free and they were kind enough to clean their tools and mix it in a tupperware so there wouldn’t be any cross contamination.

Now…there are still ways to get cross contamination but they eliminated so much of it and were SO AWESOME about it they have my business for sure.  They were super nice.  Good for you Coldstone!


I was reading the Runner’s World article yesterday about sharing running proof photos.

From Runner’s

Is Sharing ‘PROOF’ Photos OK?

Proof Photo

I am DEFINITELY in the minority here but the answer is no.  You should be buying the photo. And if you look in my history you’ll see that one time I did in fact share a “proof” photo And then stated in the same post that I knew that I did and was promptly going to buy the photo...and I did.

Whether we like it or not, these photos are owned by the photographer and this is how they support their families. I get it. They are supremely overpriced.  We ALL would buy more if they made it more reasonable.  You would think they would figure that out.  But that fact doesn’t change the reality that downloading music and movies that’s unauthorized is illegal and so is this.


The interesting thing is that Mark Remy worked very hard to try and justify his point (I really like him, too) but he really didn’t have a leg to stand on except to say he just didn’t think it was stealing.

Dude.  Get a better position.  This one is not working for you.


Run on…and enjoy that after workout sore. 

2 Replies to “No photographic evidence.”

  1. Huh, not sure why you would want a picture that says “Proof” on it. Am I missing something?

  2. Sorry to take so long. I haven’t had two seconds. As evidenced by my lack of blog updates. I’m a really bad blogger these last few weeks.

    Race photographs are notoriously overpriced. It is not out of the realm of possibility that they want $20 or $30 for a 4×6 or a 5×7. One. Usually you’ll get the digital copy but that costs more. So people just screen grab the “proof” photo off the racing site and use that.

    Most people don’t really care if it says “proof” because it’s so crazy priced.

    But the photo is still the photo and it’s still stealing.Whether we like the price or not. Which we don’t.

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