So THIS is what I’ve been up to…

Happy Sunday morning to you!

My week:

  • Buying a ticket to St. Thomas!  Miss Andrea has a friend there and we are going to house sit for a week.  With a blessing from my favorite man…I am going to the beach with my friend.  My family vacations camping. I’m pretty excited to take a vacation to the beach like this.
    • cinemagraph animated GIF

I should clarify I have no idea where this beach is. It’s just beautiful

  • It took more work than passing a bill in Congress but by heaven we got MT a ticket to Thailand.  I’m excited and nauseated all at the same time.  He’s going to visit Miss Reggie from Thailand Found.
  • I’ve existed almost exclusively off of chips and salsa, avocados, sweet potatoes and baked potatoes with salsa.  Always the salsa.  Oh..and scrambled eggs.  It’s a limited diet but rather delicious.  Lather rinse repeat.
  • Alexander promised his grandmother (hi mom! ::waves hi::) he’d get his photo properly taken in his class A’s .  We did that today.  This was no small feat.  Wow.  Besides having to get a new jacket because he’s HUGE.  He had to have all the rank and ribbons and such put on.  I couldn’t find a studio photographer.  We just met roadblocks at every turn. But we got it done and it’s so worth it.  I can’t wait to see the final prints.  Here’s a teaser…
  • Skosh got in a fight today.  He was definitely not himself.  Alex  and I were pretty nervous so we decided we’d take him to the vet. The vet violated him to take his temp. At that point…Skosh wanted nothing to do with anyone. We ended up leaving him so they could patch up his little injured leg.  But I had to snap this:


See him hiding under Alex’s arm?  Freakin’ cute right there.  Poor scared little. 

  • Hmm.  What else did I do...I found my house.  It was so so lost. Except the family room.  Alex still owns that.
  • I’ve gotten a few small runs in.  ( really small, like two and three miles)
  • I was supposed to run tonight but my running time was taken by my vet visit.
  • I was supposed to run with Michelle in the morning but my sleep time was taken by my vet visit.
  • I started to watchBlack Hawk Down”. I’ve never seen it, always wanted to and truly got sucked in right away.  But I don’t want to watch it on television. So I tore myself away and decided to add it to my list.  Must watch movies.
  • I need to make a more organized workout chart so I don’t feel so discombobulated all the time. And maybe then I won’t be able to so easily skip my run/workout and I can include a little strength. That’s my plan for this week.


Today’s motivation was taken from I <3 to run.  It’s a little ironic considering I’ve had to bail today and also on Michelle tomorrow. But I still love it.

Run on Friends…and keep showing up. 

10 Replies to “So THIS is what I’ve been up to…”

  1. Poor kitty. By the way, it turns out Cheetos are gluten free!
    Walmart had a HUGE container of them and we talked about getting them and sending them to you, Heehee. We didn’t do it of course, don’t know if you would eat Cheetos, but they are not anything either of us would ever eat. Hope you have a good day. Love you.

    1. LOL. Hilarious. Cheetos. Who knew? I’m with you… No on the Cheetos. But interesting!

  2. Love the diet combo. I think I’d be pretty happy for awhile on it but maybe not forever. St. Thomas……beautiful!!!!

    1. I’m so easily amused by food I think I actually could live forever on it!

      And I know
      .. St Thomas! So pretty. I’m excited…

    1. Yeah…seriously. I can’t even wrap my brain around it right now. I’m so blessed that God has given me so many travel opportunities.

  3. So excited to see MT! The picture of Alex and Skosh is funny since I know someone else that stayed up really late waiting for that kitty!

  4. He’s pretty excited, too! It’s SO right around the corner.

    And yes…oh man…were we up late waiting for him. Or…early? Holy smokes. That was a night for sure. Darn pets are as worrisome as kids.

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