Mixed emotions today.

I didn’t sleep great, not sure why. But Alex doesn’t sleep well either so he kept me company and we laughed our way through the night and that was a good way to pass the time.


I threw out four miles today and it was good.  A little slow but still good.  It’s going to be a little slow as I build back up but I’ll take it.

Some foam rolling and some yoga stretches.


You get the drift. Get it done.


I have a beautiful amazing friend.

She had a beautiful amazing life.

It was dealt a horrible blow several years ago.

She has handled it with grace.

Today this friend told me she is dying.

and my heart is broken.

For her. For her family.  For me to be losing my friend. For why she has to have so much stolen from her.

I can’t tell you how wrong  all of it is.

The time is now.

One day you may not be able to go to lunch with that friend.

She may not be there.

Pick up the phone.  Write that note.  Make those plans.  Do it.

I’m a little sad today. Sorry to be a little down.


And I'm grateful.

Run on Friends.  Run because today you can…

5 Replies to “Mixed emotions today.”

  1. Such sad news. God bless your friend, her family and you. I pray everyone enjoys her today and everyday and has fond memories to care you through the tough moments.

  2. Thank you Tess…I’m SO sorry for such a sad post. You have been on my mind for a few weeks, by the way! I hope you are feeling well and not hypo at all! And those migraines are kept at bay.

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