So much awesome!

I can’t tell you how great it is the support from family and friends I received today over my decision to run the New York City Marathon.  Everyone really stepped up to let me know they love me and they are here for me. It was so cool!
Miss Michelle and Miss Reggie have each donated to my cause and I love them SO MUCH.

I am definitely going to need all the support I can get as the months creep closer and the training wears me out more.  I am completely unsure how Celiac is going to treat me as a runner and especially as an endurance runner. Especially as an endurance runner who doesn’t love to eat or sleep.

I know I have to make myself do both.

Research must start on that next week.

This week…getting MT to Thailand.



This is his “I’m trying to work out…why must you take my picture” face.

Getting MT to Thailand is taking all my energy right now.  Literally and figuratively.


Some days…my computer is really quiet.

The irony is…those can be the really busy days when people read the blog and like the FB link and are very active in my world.  But my electronic life…

eerily silent.

I miss my husband.

It’s not every day that I am this affected by the silence.  By all means…no. And some days I’m so busy I don’t have time for anything. But still…it’s nice to have that conversation. To remember what it’s like to laugh about stupidity ridiculous with people. Right?  I love those conversations.

My friend from work had a brief chat with me today about my need for squats.

Now…we know I already DO squats,  but girl gets actively … let’s just say… approached.  I told her, “Man, I must be doing something WRONG.  No one approaches ME.”

She told me it was her…ahem…assets. So to speak. LOL

And that I needed to do more squats.

I’m telling you right now…there’s not enough squats in the world that would help that situation.  My pants fall right off.  hahaha.  But Damn. That was a great ten minutes of laughing.  Probably the best ten minutes of my day.


Last year for my birthday my sweet man bought me a massage and today…I used it.  It was not wonderful. It was not delightful and delirious.  It was painful. It hurt.  I nearly cried.

crying animated GIF

I’m going back in three weeks.

It was awesome.

My legs are so bad.  It’s crazy.

She wondered how I am capable of walking. Cracked me up.


Quick run today…plank…squats! LOL….

Run on…every day is a new day of running  joy.  Continue the happiness.  Imagine the results.

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  1. NYCM that’s FANTASTIC!!! Wow you are going to St. Thomas AND running the NYCM……….no words! SSOOOOO EXCITED for you. You deserve it.

    1. Yeah…I really really hope I am not overextending…I’m not even sure that’s the right word but you get the idea. This is all way more than I have ever expected or hoped for in a lifetime and it’s happening in one fell swoop. I wish my husband was here! Shouldn’t husbands be there for awesome?

      And thank you so much. I’m going to send you an email.

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