Talk to me, Goose

A quick run with MT last night.  When it gets a little later I won’t run by myself but I do have a kick ass teenager so I just take him with me.

When we left the house “Taps” was playing and it was so peaceful and beautiful I could have stood there all night listening.  It was a good time to head out.

We kept our run short, about 2.5 miles.

Planks and squats and it was done.


I haven’t started “marathon training” yet.  But I’ve had several people donate and that’s pretty awesome.  I’m so grateful.  Right now I’m still processing and looking for a plan and getting my kid out the door. It’s gonna be fun. 🙂


This morning I took Malachi for a quick run while it was still “cool”.  I’m over the mosquitos but I think I’ll take them wayyy before the millers. Yuck.


MT has a text alert that says, “talk to me Goose”.   (for those of you unaware,this is a famous quote from Top Gun)

He also has a girlfriend.

After the 7th text message in 2 minutes …really Dude?  Really?  Do you want to EAT that phone?

angry animated GIF


Skosh was cattin’ around and got hurt.  The vet fixed him up but he’s been little cat grounded to his room for his own protection.

I let him out today to roam the house.  Like a wild cat.

I think he was happy.

I get it. It’s a cat picture. Don’t judge me.



Here’s my Celiac update so far:

Remember my doctor thinks I don’t have it.  He told me he’d rather do more testing but of course the best test is to go gluten free and see what the results are.

So here are the results after two months:

Things that have improved

  • my nails.  As a bank teller, I have to keep my hands and nails in professional condition.  I normally get shellac on them but my nails are so dry and brittle after  ten days the shellac just … falls off. It’s so weird.  And my nails peel in layers.  Since I have gone gluten free, the last two times I’ve gotten my nails done the shellac has lasted over two weeks, close to three.
  • My skin used to itch all the time, especially right out of the shower.  Since I’ve replaced all the lotions and shaving cream and everything with gluten free products … virtually no itching.
  • My migraines have definitely decreased.  I don’t believe they were all caused by Celiac as I’ve had them my whole life and I know a lot of my triggers. I think I’m just prone to them. But they had increased SO much and I was just sick all the time.
  • I’m less nauseated after I eat.
  • I’m back to getting up early in the mornings.  I was struggling to get up at 7 … it was so hard.  Now my body naturally is waking up at 5 or 5:30 like it used to. It’s a good time to go for a run or run the puppy.
  • My hands don’t hurt.  I usually have pain in the joints in my hands, especially in the mornings.  It feels very arthritic like.  But I noticed the other day..nope.


  • So…this isn’t an improvement but I do have a rash above my ear.  It’s not bad and really has subsided quite a bit to just be a little sore sometimes. My research is telling me I either have gluten in me or the gluten is working it’s way through. 

Right off the top of my head, that’s what I know for sure.  I’m sure if I thought about it I’d be able to name a few more things.

What hasn’t changed?

  • stomach issues.

Most reading/research I’ve done on Celiac,  both anecdotal and scientific,  stresses it can take up to a year to feel better and some people never feel better. The damage is too great and they’ll have these symptoms forever.  I certainly can’t complain if that’s my only real issue.

Again, I’d have to think about it to come up with other symptoms that aren’t better. That’s the most obvious though and I’m pretty thankful to have the other things beginning to disappear.


Run on…because if you keep going it’s amazing.

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  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better, it is good to see all the things that have improved, including the itching which was always a big mystery. Love you.

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