Happy Independence Day!

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This is a great holiday and one of my favorites. This year though, I’ve been completely focused on my kid and getting him to Thailand in one piece.

He has landed, met with Miss Regina and they have fed him McDonalds. He may live.  It’s been a long 24 hours for the kid.





I see hope for sanity today. I have a few purchases to make for my trip tomorrow and then packing and I’m done.

Could I have more things going on right now?


I have a personal nutritionist.

Miss Amanda, my personal nutritionist extraordinaire, is going to meet with me when I get back from my trip and I’m going to take copious notes on the best way to eat and what not to eat and all the tricks I should be knowing for my own best health.  I’m so excited!  Girl is kickass smart….on her way to med school.

My biggest issue is going to be convincing her…I don’t care how many ways you say it or how important it is, I am just not a hungry person.  So no…I probably won’t eat more.  I’ll eat better, but not more.  She is stubbornly trying to change that. She’ll have to get in line.  The line starts with my mom. ha.

We were discussing the joys of avocados and I said it was my breakfast yesterday.  I just cut it open lengthwise and BAM…you have a bowl.  Then for lunch I had a sweet potato.  SO good. She commented that was great. But it needs to be paired with something and she’ll teach me the best foods to eat together.

She can try…

Be Negative

I am a stubborn eater.  She should be grateful I didn’t have Skittles for breakfast.


I cannot stress enough how...stressful this week has been.  I have run a few miles when I can get them in and mostly to run the puppy so he doesn’t feel abandoned by me.  I look forward to a good run tonight and tomorrow and I may even try to squeeze in some yoga.
Always always some foam rolling.

I’ve never been on vacation without Sean before.  This is going to be weird.  And though I already miss him I feel like it’s upped a notch this week.  I got to surprise Skype with him this morning. He looks so good. 🙂  It was a terrible connection but totally worth it. <3
Love running on the beach!
Run on…it’s the perfect day for it!


4 Replies to “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Super happy your son made it safely! Sounds like it wasn’t easy though. Ugh! I wish you quicker, easier travel for your trip!!Which is soon…exciting!!! Also can’t wait to hear the dets on the nutritionist….high hopes for her to make you feel even more fabulous!

    1. Thanks! I know, he had a rough experience for sure. My “nutritionist” is going to be awesome. I’m so excited to meet with her. Also…I love her and would like her to marry one of my sons. But that’s neither here nor there. HA.

  2. Wow, Montana does look tired, but so good to see him and he is still cute! Hopefully he is on the mend shortly.

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