On my way…

I leave for the airport in one hour.  St Thomas. Who would have thought.

My heart is with my son.  He is just not feeling good.

sad animated GIF

I can only hope he recovers quickly so his experience is wonderful and amazing.  But for now…

what a frustrating time for him.

I actually sent him a care package which he won’t get until he’s better but still…I care.  LOL

It’s full of his favorite snacks.  Sucker cost me $35 to mail.

omg animated GIF

That’s true mother love right there. It was a pretty small box.


I ran five miles yesterday..it felt pretty amazing.  One mile of it was with the dog, does that count?  It was the fourth of July so he was surprisingly fast. 😉  haha.



But hey…it’s still St Thomas. For a week. The Virgin Islands. For a week. Wow.

It’s gonna be hot.

It’s gonna be rainy.

It’s gonna be muggy to run. 90% humidity!

It’s gonna be awesome.

I will not eat mussels. She can’t make me.

But I’ll so post pictures.


that is all.


5 Things to Remember About Running in the Heat and Humidity

5 Tips for Running in Humid Weather


Run on….and run safe in the heat!

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