Swimming and Sushi. Breaking all my rules.

I started my day with a run. It was pretty warm…probably mid to high 80’s but that didn’t seem to bother me.  The guy said, “short run, go left to the airport.  Longer than a mile go right and follow the sidewalk!”

I’m so in.  I headed out with the intention of just doing 3 miles today.  Hung a right and the sidewalk ended.  And it wasn’t as charming as Shel Silverstein likes to put it.  The sidewalk ended and it wasn’t a great area of town. So I flipped around and ran home and I had gone a whole 1.5 miles.  And I’m PRETTY sure I didn’t screw up the way he had me going.  Probably.

So I went in to the fitness center (I’m so generous by calling it that) to finish up my mileage.  They were out of water and…everything… so back to the room for my bottle of water and I can hop on the treadmill.  No worries, right? Except this dumb treadmill is killing my achilles bad Baby, so bad.  Not friendly at all.   I think perhaps tomorrow…the elliptical or water running.  I can’t really take a chance on an  achilles injury and frankly it’s already really sore.  I started my stretches for it today and hopefully it’ll feel better soon.


So…yep. I went swimming in the ocean. Holy Hell!

Sorry. Family blog here.


This is the view from our hotel room. It is AMAZING.  I was swimming in that water earlier today. Yep. Me.

We came in, got cleaned up and headed out for dinner. At this point, it was pretty mandatory.  All we had to eat today was a bowl of fruit and I had two semi scrambled ~kind of cooked pretty runny maybe thought about using fire underneath it~ eggs. Yuck.

Sushi. We had sushi.


and a lot of it. 

I’ve had it before. Miss Andrea loves it so to love Miss Andrea is to know sushi.  And this is her favorite place for Mussels in the whole world.

Unfortunately not only did we try several versions but at the end of the day it was $150.  Yes, that’s right. $150.  Ridiculous.  Trust me. It wasn’t worth THAT.  Even she says so.  But especially my stomach said so.  It was rebelling at the restaurant. So wrong.

It was a long beautiful amazing day and it ended with Giovanni.  We have met some great people here. No Tom Dick or Harry, no sir. But we HAVE met a Raul, Fernando and Giovanni.  There will hopefully be a follow up story to Giovanni. He was a scream. 😉


Tomorrow we may do the walking tour of the island. I’m not sure. But I think I’ll try running in the water and giving my achilles a break.

Here’s your motivation!

Running Motivation Tip #007


Run on…and run towards big dreams.

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  1. I cannot see any pictures, hoping I am not the only one who can’t. The pictures are just big white squares with nothing in them. Still, it sounds like you are having a good time so that is what matters. When you get a minute can you text me an update on Montana?

  2. Ugh. Thanks for telling me. I’ll try to fix it.

    I am having a good time. I will text you now.

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